Verus Analytics applies big-data and artificial intelligence technologies to recover money for state agencies and their citizens. The company’s analytic and forensic capabilities are central to the success of its ongoing efforts with states to audit life insurance policy records and return billions of dollars in unclaimed benefits to their rightful beneficiaries.

Video: Verus Analytics counts on IT resilience to mine data

With billions in rebates riding on mining terabytes of sensitive data, Verus analysts need a solid, secure infrastructure to perform their work. For more than eight years, the company has relied on Sungard AS to host its primary and DR infrastructure and to provide vaulting services for critical data, assuring the resilience and security that Verus needs to deliver on its commitments to customers.

Data is our business, so it’s extremely critical that we maintain a solid, secure infrastructure for our analysts to perform their work. We’ve partnered with Sungard AS to build redundancy and resiliency into everything we do, and we’ve never had an issue with downtime that’s caused by environment, location or networks.

Chief Technology Officer, Verus Analytics

About Verus Analytics

Verus Analytics LLC is a data analytics company that finds, saves and recovers money for state government agencies and their citizens. Founded in 2007, Verus initially focused on unclaimed life insurance benefits. The company has since expanded its service offerings to help state regulators identify tax evasion, avoid improper payments and reduce Medicare waste. The company today counts 48 of the 50 U.S. states as its customers.