Today’s retailers never close. They have to create always-on, engaging and consistent customer experiences across multiple channels – in store and online.

Consumers are used to finding everything they want, instantly. Loyalty endures no further than a single bad experience. An inexperienced assistant, a website that fails, or an incorrect delivery.

Sungard Availability Services’ unique Managed Services proposition equips retailers to delight today’s elusive and highly-informed customers. And it creates new efficiencies, protecting margins, driving down costs and enabling outstanding service. So customers keep coming back for more.

Marks & Spencer is a global benchmark for customer-centric operations. Shoppers have the assurance that if an item is not right, they can take it back to the store.

But there’s no going back when freak weather, civic disturbances or other uncontrollable factors disrupt the smooth delivery of the renowned M&S service experience. The credibility of the brand depends on maintaining service even at the most challenging times.

The four-person Business Continuity Management team relies heavily on trusted business continuity partners – including Sungard Availability Services. For M&S, never stopping means extending the capability of the in-house team, preserving the brand’s reputation, avoiding financial loss, protecting market share and ensuring peace of mind for employees, suppliers and shareholders.

Perhaps the defining word for this decade is ‘sharing’. We’re creating memories in moments on our mobiles, and sharing them instantly with friends and relatives all over the world.

With its distinguished heritage in photography, FUJIFILM understands the value and power of our pictures. Its Imagine Online & Mobile platform takes sharing to a fresh dimension by allowing people to print their photographs on mugs, coasters, clothing and other media, making truly memorable personal gifts and mementos.

The platform relies on a private cloud provided by Sungard Availability Services, with a Service Level Agreement commited to 99.95% availability. For FUJIFILM, never stopping means providing customers with immediate, trustworthy storage and access to their photographs, wherever and whenever they need it.

On paper, Office Depot operates a simple business. It supplies the consumables that keep every enterprise running, from home offices, to global corporations. But to stay competitive, it must stick to all-enveloping service promises, ensuring customers never run short of essential supplies when it matters most.

Office Depot UK & Ireland relies on a range of recovery solutions from Sungard Availability Services, to help meet its commitments to unrivalled customer service. For Office Depot, never stopping means ‘business as usual’ within three hours of an incident, minimal risk of revenue loss, reduced customer churn and a continually unblemished brand reputation.

Retail, wholesale and distribution require instant scalability. Customers won’t accept a delay because there’s a spike in demand – it’s not their problem. They expect immediate service, whether that’s in store or online.

Failure to respond means lost revenue and embarrassment.

With a managed private cloud, and managed services, The Gift Voucher Shop (GVS) – the organisation behind the ‘One4all’ multi-store gift card – deals with demand peaks better than most.

In the run-up to Christmas, 50% of its year’s sales are made in just two months, across 24,000 outlets in Ireland and the UK, including leading names like Boots, House of Fraser and WHSmith.

Sungard Availability Services makes sure that the service never falters. For The Gift Voucher Shop, never stopping means always delivering – no matter what.

"Our goal is to establish M&S as a market leader in retail business continuity by embedding a group-wide BCM culture. Our staff and customers expect nothing less." John Frost Head of BC, Security and Shrinkage Marks & Spencer

"We're not just storing people's images, we're preserving precious memories. A resilient cloud infrastructure is absolutely vital." Kyran O’Kelly General Manager FUJIFILM

"We make a published commitment to our customers to get their order to them accurately and on time. If we were unable to deliver for any reason they would simply take their business elsewhere." Richard Bell Loss Prevention, Compliance & Business Continuity Senior Manager Europe Office Depot

"It's fair to say the infrastructure Sungard AS supports is the beating heart of our business. Without it, everything stops. If the website goes down, the business goes down." Anne Bracken IT Manager The Gift Voucher Shop