Led by significant advances in technology – centered on cloud computing – corporate IT is experiencing a renaissance, with the CIO and their team central to effecting organisational transformation. These renaissance men and women know that the always-on nature of today's world requires systems that are not just available, but inspirational. Pragmatism and compromise is out; innovation and expanded horizons are in.

Business models are no longer constrained by IT, but by the limits of an organisation's imagination and appetite for risk. Companies such as Uber and Airbnb prove, on a daily basis, that success isn't grounded in the tried and tested methods of old, but comes through unique models.

Now a weapon of growth, IT investment is vital. Get it right and you add a competitive edge to your business that can enable it to thrive in even the most competitive markets. In order to meet the demands of modern businesses, it is understandable that IT has become more sophisticated.

However, it seems that far from revitalising their organisations, continuous investment in new IT solutions – including cloud computing – has had the opposite of its intended effect. Many organisations across the world confess that the complexity of their IT estate is now hindering their ability to innovate. Relapse, not revival, is their experience.

With the now seemingly insatiable digital expectations of customers and employees, organisations must address this terrifying admission. For competitive edge, they must do it quickly.

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