Case Study

Enfield Council Partners with Sungard AS to Transform its IT - Fast!

The London Borough of Enfield is twelve miles from the centre of London, has around 2,500 employees, and provides vital services to a population of some 324,500. The Labour-controlled council needs to save £56m by 2020 following government funding cuts and necessity is driving innovation.

THE CHALLENGE: Seamless migration of complex hybrid IT infrastructure to a new provider within an aggressive timescale

Enfield Council’s contract with an outsourcing provider was ending earlier than expected by mutual agreement and the local authority urgently needed to find a new provider capable of smoothly migrating its cloud-enabled applications to the Microsoft Azure cloud and hosting the remaining legacy systems – some dating back 30 years - in a secure, resilient environment. With the non-negotiable contract exit deadline fast approaching, the council knew it needed to act quickly. It admits it had demanding requirements.  

“We were looking for a technology partner we could trust who would be flexible, work at a fast pace to meet our tight timeframe and give us a simple migration route. The transition from the incumbent supplier to the new provider had to be absolutely seamless, and, of course, keeping our data centre up and running throughout, without any interruptions whatsoever, was a top priority.”  
- Mike Weston, former Head of IT for Enfield Council.

THE SOLUTION:  Phased IT transformation programme of complex hybrid infrastructure

The council turned to Sungard Availability Services - already a trusted partner of Enfield Council, having provided disaster recovery services to the local authority for two decades. Sungard AS and Enfield Council worked closely together, holding bi-weekly workshops, to develop a requirements specification and plans to migrate Enfield Council’s complex hybrid infrastructure, up to OS level, to Sungard AS. Sungard AS cloud consulting experts are helping Enfield Council with its Azure design and ensuring a smooth transition of its complex IT environment from one provider to another. As the project progressed, the council adjusted its strategy several times and Sungard AS, in turn, needed to frequently adjust its own plans to accommodate the changes.  

“Sungard AS was the only provider able to meet our somewhat challenging timeframes. For example, they needed to be capable of taking over our data centre from the incumbent in an ‘as is state’ within a six-week period. Sungard AS was also willing to participate in three-way negotiations involving them, the council and the incumbent supplier. In short, they had to be extremely flexible in terms of delivery, negotiations and the technology.”
- Councillor Dino Lemonides, Cabinet member for Finance & Efficiency, Enfield Council

BUSINESS BENEFITS:  Flawless execution leaves employees blissfully unaware of the switch

The IT transformation programme is still underway but the first phase of the programme has been completed on time and within budget. The switchover from the incumbent to Sungard AS at one minute past midnight on the appointed date was seamless – employees were completely unaware it had occurred. Sungard AS and Enfield Council continued close co-operation to complete the ambitious IT transformation programme, which will give the Council a resilient, flexible foundation needed to deliver efficient, cost-effective services to the borough’s citizens.  

“We now look forward to continued close co-operation between our two organisations to complete our ambitious IT transformation programme, which will give us the resilient, flexible foundation we need to deliver efficient, cost-effective services to the borough’s citizens.”
- Councillor Dino Lemonides, Cabinet member for Finance & Efficiency, Enfield Council

  • Lower IT running costs - Predicted headline cost-savings of 30% plus efficiency gains
  • More predictable IT infrastructure spend by moving it from the CapEx to OpEx budget
  • Greatly enhanced IT availability, flexibility and scalability
  • Improved cost-effectiveness - The council pays only for services actually used
  • Eliminates the burden of infrastructure management freeing up in-house resources
  • Highly available and secure, SLA-backed levels of uptime give the council peace of mind
  • Dual Site Managed Hosting
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Enterprise Cloud Services
  • Cloud Consulting
  • Storage as a Service
  • Managed Backup
  • Oracle and Microsoft SQL database management
  • Residency Services