Case Study

Infinity - Cloud brings growth opportunities

Infinity is part of Sungard Availability Services’ sister company, SunGard Financial Systems, which provides software and IT services to institutions across the financial services industry. Its systems support the accounting and management of more than $25 trillion in invested assets, and process more than five million trades each day. Infinity provides the technology upon which their customers’ SaaS solutions are hosted.

Some of Infinity’s new SaaS customers are based in Europe, including the UK. As a consequence, these European customers require assurance that the Infinity platform adheres to data governance regulations, such as the EU Data Directive, which states that all European data must be stored within Europe. Previously, Infinity’s entire data centre infrastructure was located in the USA, therefore it was necessary to find an IaaS provider whose service was able to support EU regulatory compliance and also had the scale, flexibility and resilience to manage the continual growth in demand for Infinity’s platform services.

Infinity recognised that, with businesses becoming increasingly concerned with the security of their outsourced data, they needed to provide their SaaS customers with a solution that would deliver greater transparency and control of data. Therefore, Sungard AS’s enterprise-class private cloud approach to back-end infrastructure was a very attractive proposition. Along with security and compliance, it was also important for Infinity to source a service that did not require a significant capital investment and would be cost-efficient given the current financial climate.

Given the sensitive nature of the data processed by Infinity’s financial services customers, it is essential that Infinity can verify its private cloud infrastructure’s security and resilience can match its customer’s own exacting standards. Infinity chose Sungard AS’s private cloud service as it offers high availability and resilient connectivity as standard. Sungard AS’s enterprise-class data centre infrastructure is well recognised as part of five decades of heritage in Information Availability.

The level of upfront investment required was another key consideration for Infinity. Not only was Sungard AS’s cloud offering competitively priced, its OpEx model eradicated the need for Infinity to expend capital purchasing their own IT infrastructure and hiring additional staff. Instead, Sungard AS’s private cloud service supplied all the necessary hardware and a team of technical specialists, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to maintain the data centre.

“We continually strive to offer our customers the best solutions possible and our information technology infrastructure plays a crucial role in making this happen. We needed a provider that could deliver the security, resilience and uptime for our backend infrastructure that our clients expect.” Mats Lillienberg, Chief Technology Officer, Infinity Sungard AS’s enterprise-class private cloud service model is able to manage the ever-changing amounts of processing power needed to support Infinity’s customers’ day-to-day transactions. As its business continues to grow, Infinity remains flexible in a highly competitive marketplace with access to scalable compute, storage, security, network and internet protocol (IP) services.

Sungard AS’s cloud-based IaaS helps enable Infinity to present its customers with a highly resilient and secure platform. The ability to leverage the cloud to provide SaaS solutions to all European customers has helped to increase Infinity’s competitive edge and target market.
Importantly, Infinity can now offer its customers the assurance that European data regulations can be met as its cloud infrastructure is physically hosted inside Europe. Compliance to European data storage regulations ensures that Infinity can continue to support the growth of its existing customer base and provides a solid platform as Infinity looks to expand into European markets.

By selecting Sungard AS’s enterprise-class private cloud service, Infinity has increased its agility and scalability, able to grow its infrastructure capabilities in response to demand. This plays a significant role in enabling Infinity to maintain its competitive edge in an increasingly fast-moving marketplace. Mats Lillienberg, Chief Technology Officer for Infinity, comments,

“We recognised that in order for our customers to be able to utilise true cloud-based, SaaS solutions while minimising their operational risk, we needed to re-assure them that we had the secure cloud infrastructure in place to protect their data at all times. Now, thanks to Sungard Availability Services’ private cloud offering, we are able to offer fully scalable, secure, high performance computing.”

“The financial argument for investing in a private enterprise-cloud model was very persuasive. We have saved a huge amount of money compared to what this would have cost to do in-house.” Mats Lillienberg, Chief Technology Officer, Infinity

Business problem

Infinity required an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider that could ensure continuous uptime and the secure storage of its customers’ highly sensitive data to assist with compliance to European data regulations.

  • Sungard AS’s fully-managed, enterpriseclass private cloud-based IaaS.
Business benefits

Infinity now has a resilient, secure and scalable infrastructure from which its platform and all of its Software as a Service (SaaS) customers can operate.