Case Study

Fleet management company chooses Sungard Availability Services platform for high performance

Transics is an international organisation specialising in fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sector. Its market-leading ‘TX-CONNECT’ back office software help carriers manage their trucks, drivers, trailers, cargo and orders more efficiently, raising productivity while trimming costs. Headquartered in Belgium, Transics has a presence throughout Europe with facilities in the Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

In order to develop a high performance platform with the necessary stability and capability to deliver an optimum hosted environment, Transics decided to find a company with which it could work in genuine partnership. After reviewing several potential technology partners, it chose Sungard AS. Koen Uyttenhove, Vice President of Customer Services at Transics reports, “The stability of the platform has been exceptional and we’ve never experienced anything but 100% uptime.”

Transics’ success is built on the ability to connect its TX-CONNECT back office software to its on-board computers in trucks in order to deliver real-time truck, trailer and driver data to customers, which enables them to manage their fleets more efficiently. Transics recognised it needed to develop a hosting platform that would support its ambitious expansion plans and embarked on a search to find a new technology partner.

Transics had three clear objectives. Firstly, reputation played a big part in the ultimate decision. “We wanted a partner with a proven track record: one which we knew could offer a global standard of managed services,” explains Koen Uyttenhove, Vice President of Customer Services at Transics.

“The stability of the platform has been exceptional and we’ve never experienced anything but 100% uptime.” Koen Uyttenhove, Vice President – Customer Services, Transics

Secondly, the solution had to represent value for money, providing savings that would reduce the Total Cost of Ownership enabling Transics to reinvest in other areas of the business. Finally, Transics wanted a partner who genuinely understood its business and could offer true value, insight and rapport, as well as the expected high level of technical support on a day-to-day basis.

After lengthy deliberations, Transics opted to entrust its infrastructure to Sungard AS, relying on its broad range of Managed Services and Hybrid Cloud Services to give it the availability, flexibility and agility it needed. Koen Uyttenhove believes the deal will bring numerous benefits, explaining, “Partnering with a globally recognised player will help us win business as customers and prospects will feel safe entrusting their vital data to us knowing that Sungard is running the infrastructure.”

Since signing the deal with Sungard AS, Transics is able to offer existing customers improved performance, availability and support and also bring new customers on board more quickly and efficiently. Sungard AS’s private cloud gives Transics a highly available cloud infrastructure to host its business across several sites and frees it from the burden of building and maintaining a costly and unnecessary data centre. According to Koen Uyttenhove, switching to Sungard AS’s Managed Services has allowed the company to focus its time and resources on improving its range of products and applications instead of merely running its IT. Sungard AS’s flexible platform also eliminates issues for Transics over the future-proofing of its infrastructure as it can quickly scale up computing power to meet demand as the company expands. “Our Software as a Service applications will continue to play a big role in the growth of the business,” comments Koen Uyttenhove. “With Sungard running our systems, we feel confident that our business is built on a firm and lasting foundation.”

“With Sungard running our systems, we feel confident that our business is built on a firm and lasting foundation.” Koen Uyttenhove, Vice President – Customer Services, Transics

Business challenge

Transics, a leading European fleet management solutions provider, needed to develop a new hosting platform that would give it the agility, flexibility and reliability necessary to support its expansion programme. It embarked on the search for a company with which it could work in a spirit of true partnership.

  • Managed Services
  • Monitoring
  • Managed security
  • Load balancing
  • Anti virus
  • Patching
  • Dual site hosting consisting of:
  • Sungard AS’s Private Cloud at first site
  • Hybrid hosting environment (Sungard AS’s multi-tenancy cloud and physical hosting) at second site
  • Sungard AS’s Online for testing and development.


  • Improved performance, availability and support for Transics customers
  • Ability to scale up to meet business demands
  • Fast onboarding of new customers
  • Peace of mind for Transics and its customers
  • Removes burden of infrastructure management, freeing Transics to focus on its products and applications.