Case Study

Sungard Availability Services helps Zinopy fulfil its vision

For leading IT solutions and services provider Zinopy, high availability is critical to the very survival of its business. It needs the assurance of guaranteed uptime or risks the loss of its customers and reputational damage.

Zinopy supports many clients in the financial services, utilities and public sectors, all providing essential services to their own customers. These organisations rely on Zinopy’s inSight Security Intelligence to ensure the security of their IT systems, and inSight System Intelligence for performance visibility of their Citrix VDI environments.   With ambitious growth plans, Zinopy researched the marketplace to find a colocation provider it could trust to keep important customer data safe at all times. It found no other company could match the experience, expertise and proven track record of Sungard Availability Services.  

THE CHALLENGE: finding a secure, resilient home for valuable customer data

A major part of Zinopy’s business centres on providing a cyber security intelligence platform based on IBM QRadar technology that gathers information from all the customer’s networks. The company’s inSight Security Intelligence service consolidates and analyses the data, making recommendations in real-time on measures needed to protect the network. This information-gathering and analysis process continues around the clock, second by second, so any downtime would leave its customers exposed to risk. For this reason, high availability is absolutely critical to Zinopy.

Zinopy CEO John Ryan explains, “The services we offer are the heart of our business – and are key to our growth strategy – so we needed a best-of-breed data centre that would give us genuinely high availability.” The data centre’s geographical location was another important consideration for compliance with EU data protection legislation.  

THE SOLUTION: Colocation in a Tier3 aligned, ISAE 3402-compliant Dublin data centre

The peace of mind provided by SLA-backed levels of availability was paramount in Zinopy’s choice of Sungard Availability Services as its colocation provider. Citrix is a Sungard AS partner for its Cloud Services and Virtual Desktop offerings and, as Ireland’s sole Citrix Platinum Solution Specialist, this was how Zinopy first became aware of Sungard AS’s capabilities. “We found the fact Sungard AS was also a Citrix partner reassuring,” explains Zinopy CEO John Ryan.

One of Sungard Availability Services’ state-of-the-art, highly resilient data centres is conveniently sited in Dublin and Zinopy was attracted by the opportunity to house its data locally in Ireland in compliance with EU data protection directives.

“All our customer data is handled equally securely, but for our government contracts, in particular, where that data resides is of fundamental importance. Firstly, that it is held within the State and, secondly, the quality of the facility itself. We researched the market and Sungard Availability Services’ data centre was head and shoulders above the rest.” 
- John Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, Zinopy

The Dublin data centre offers secure hosting with redundant power supplies, the choice of a full cabinet, dedicated cage or floor tiles and is connected via Sungard AS’ network. “We researched the market and Sungard Availability Services’ data centre was head and shoulders above the rest,” says Ryan. The colocation arrangement allows Zinopy to benefit from Sungard AS’ IT resources, skills and experience to ensure availability, reliability, security and cost-efficiency – yet still leaves Zinopy in full control of its key service offerings, inSight Security Intelligence and inSight System Intelligence.  


  • The use of a secure, resilient Sungard AS data centre reassures prospective customers that their valuable information is kept safe
  • Compliance with EU Data Protection regulations and the US Safe Harbor system.

According to CEO John Ryan, the fact Zinopy uses a resilient Sungard AS data centre to house its systems and customer data is a valuable selling point. “Sungard AS is a name people trust, with good reason. It gives our customers confidence that our service is highly reliable and their data always secure.”

“Sungard Availability Services is the supplier of choice for Zinopy in regards to colocation services,” adds Pearse Tolan, Zinopy’s Service Delivery Manager. “It is a real partnership approach and Sungard AS lives up to its name in making operational personnel available to Zinopy at all times, day and night, to support the delivery of our services to our customers.”

Zinopy grew its business by an impressive 26% in 2015 and, with plans to expand further in 2016 and beyond is, “looking to Sungard AS to support that growth.” John Ryan says he sees this as “a deepening relationship that will allow us to continue to grow. My experience to date means I know I can rely on Sungard AS for the availability we need.”


  • The use of a secure, resilient Sungard AS data centre for storage of customer data is a strong selling point for Zinopy, reassuring prospective customers that their valuable information is kept safe
  • Data is stored in Ireland, ensuring compliance with EU Data Protection regulations and the US Safe Harbor system
  • Customers’ data is securely held in an ISAE 3402-compliant, Tier 3+ aligned data centre with SLA-backed ‘five nines’ uptime, which gives Zinopy the assurance to offer its key services.


  • Managed Data Centre and Colocation Services