Enable your business with secure, high-speed connectivity

When it comes to connecting to the applications and data they need, today's employees and consumers are less patient and more demanding. They have little tolerance for slow-loading web pages, dropped connections or network outages. Instead, they want responsive, fast-as-a-click access to content and information—anytime, anywhere and from any device.

All this means the network is more than a method of transport. It is truly an enabler of business, making employees more productive and your customer interactions more positive and profitable.

For busy IT staffs, the challenge is establishing, managing and optimizing those network connections to deliver on their value. And that takes choosing the right network services provider with a proven track record in providing highly secure, highly available and fully recoverable IT solutions: Sungard AS.

Enterprise-class performance. We partner with Tier 1 network providers to offer you the bandwidth essential for fast access to feature-rich applications and for delivering multiple terabytes of data. Burstable bandwidth means you can adapt to unforeseen increases in demand for network resources.

Anytime, anywhere availability. As the digital transformation drives more business to the web, both traffic and data volumes increase dramatically. We can provide you with the highly redundant, resilient network connections you need to support everyday business and a faster recovery if outages occur.

Secure, compliant networks. With hackers attempting to steal customer data and intellectual property, and the penalties for non-compliance steepening, fortifying network security is a must. Sungard AS can ease your compliance and security requirements with PCI DSS-compliant facilities and processes and alignment with EU data center directives. Our North American data centers are also certified to the ISO 27001/2 standard.

Why Sungard AS?

Why Sungard AS for network services?

Thousands of customers trust Sungard AS to keep their production and recovery systems highly available. So, when it comes to network services, we know how to provide the consistent, dependable high-speed connections you need to enable continuous business operations.

Further, when you choose Sungard AS for network connectivity, you benefit from the simplicity of working with one provider for infrastructure services—including the systems that run and recover your mission-critical applications and the network that ties them all together.

Find out more about Sungard AS network solutions for voice and data, public Internet and private Internet.

Related Services

Connections you can rely on

Whether you need to connect users to your data center or the web, or maintain telephony services during recovery time, Sungard AS can provide the connections you need.

Data and Voice Connections

Take on bandwidth-eating activities, like sending large graphic files and delivering Voice over Internet Protocol. If disaster happens, regain data access and re-direct voice services to one of our workplace recovery centers. Maintain voicemail during the transition, then resume phone service, voice recording and call center functions as your staff arrive. If landlines are down, we offer satellite connections from our mobile recovery centers.

Public Internet Connections

With a fully redundant network backbone and built-in routing mechanisms, you can quickly connect to business-critical applications and services hosted by multiple data centers and service providers and avoid Internet bottlenecks that frustrate customers. To guard against unwanted Internet traffic that can flood the network, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) detection and mitigation services are standard component in many of our Internet services.

Private Connections

Protect your data from unauthorized access with a virtual private network connection. Data flows to and from your server and storage resources via an encrypted tunnel. We can also establish cross connects between two or more organizations within our data centers, so you can collaborate more easily and securely with your partners, while reducing latency and speeding transaction processing.