Get back to business faster

Ease of access to a fully recoverable production environment makes the difference between emerging from a crisis at minimal cost and maximum speed, or picking up the pieces of your business and reputation. But organizations can’t always afford the set-up and maintenance costs of a standby recovery site. That’s why they’re increasingly turning to cloud-based disaster recovery to ensure business never stops, no matter what.

With Sungard AS, you get a fully-managed recovery solution for your IT environments on a secure, enterprise-class platform – whether our own or third-party. Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery costs significantly less than traditional replication solutions, and our services can be tiered to address a range of Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).  

Protect your data. We’ll move your data to a recovery center and keep it safe, secure and refreshed as often as possible and ready for restoration. For mission-critical data, our replication services will deliver a fully working copy of your environment in a ready-to-use state, while our back-up and vaulting service is ideal for less urgent requirements or long-term data retention.

Recover your environment. If disaster strikes, we’ll connect your data to your back-up infrastructure and recover your network and applications.

Manage your recovery. With Sungard AS, you can customize your lifecycle approach to recovery by determining which processes you would prefer to handle yourself and which you would like us to manage – up to 100% – backed by robust service level agreements. 

Related Services

Recovery you can rely on

Our Cloud-Based Recovery Services work by replicating your systems and data in real-time, so that if disruption or disaster occurs, data loss is minimized. Combining scalability, pay-as-you-go pricing and lower total cost of ownership, you'll be ready for virtually anything and be able to afford to test your recovery more frequently.

Physical to cloud recovery

For servers that start out as a physical server in your data center. Options include server replication recovery with near-zero RPOs and RTOs of less than 4 hours for your most critical applications, and vaulting recovery to support less critical data with RTOs of less than 12 hours and recovery points based on the last successful backup.

Virtual to cloud recovery

For the virtual machines you have in production. We capture your data in virtual servers (server names, IP addresses, virtual routes, and virtual applications) and replicate that to a cloud at Sungard AS.

Cloud to cloud recovery

For recovering production workloads in one AWS site to another AWS site. Our fully-managed service utilizes public and private connectivity support for storage replication and utility pricing, and offers RTO SLAs as low as 2 hours.

Application to cloud recovery. For SAP HANA customers. We protect your critical HANA-based systems with a pre-engineering, flexible, and SLA-protected disaster recovery solution.

Why Sungard AS?

Why Sungard AS for cloud based recovery?

Sungard AS is a leader in disaster recovery, with 40 years of experience in providing availability services across multiple platforms. Our proven ability to manage mission-critical production and recovery environments is complemented by our expertise in designing and delivering continuity and recovery solutions that meet individual business objectives.