Managed, SLA Backed Disaster Recovery

Hyperscale AWS cloud environments automatically adapt to change with the ease and speed your organization needs. However, when it comes to a disruption or disaster, you can’t assume recovery will be just as smooth. 

Applications and data can be scattered across many different cloud and on-premise IT infrastructures. If an event brings your systems down, it means spreading recovery efforts and staff across each distinct environment. Without a plan in place, it’s also unclear which apps and data are critical to recover first. 

All this puts profits and customer confidence at stake and your business on hold as you wait to resume IT operations.

A typical customer program is made up of the following elements (download printable PDF):

Easy Onboarding with Sungard AS Cloud Recovery - AWS

Sungard AS has brought its heritage of recovery success to the  Public Cloud, exclusively with AWS. By combining two leaders expertise in their chosen fields, we deliver an Enterprise-Class Managed, SLA Backed, Recovery  Service leveraging the cost efficiency and infrastructure flexibility available with  Public Cloud.

Cloud Recovery - AWS is a managed solution, negating the need for AWS or recovery skills, providing immediate improved resiliency, with a 4 hour Recovery time Objective SLA. Workloads can be hosted On-Premise or within another AWS  Region,  and then recovered to the customer's desired AWS Region. 

Scale and recover with confidence

Cloud Recovery – AWS lets you combine the power of hyperscale cloud with the IT resiliency expertise of Sungard AS into a complete recovery solution. This includes onboarding, implementation and ongoing monitoring and management, so you can:

Decrease recovery time. With automated orchestration, AWS cloud environments can be recovered in as little as 15 minutes. Meet your overall recovery time objective (RTO) with a service level agreement of just four hours for up to 250 instances.

Get ready access to business data. Near-real-time recovery point objective (RPO) guards against data loss. Includes additional “point-in-time” snapshots every 10 minutes, every 1 hour and every 1 day over a 30-day rolling data retention period. 

Prioritize apps and data. We help you determine the criticality of specific applications and data before an event occurs, so you know which servers need to be recovered first to get back to business fast.

Consolidate and simplify recovery. With a complete packaged solution for recovering both physical and cloud environments, backed by the cloud and DR skills of our IT staff and a pay-as-you-go model, we help you reduce the cost and complexity involved in a successful recovery. Compute resources are not charged until At Time or Test or Disaster allowing for efficient management of budgets.

Why Sungard AS?

Sungard Availability Services is a leader in Disaster  Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and has over 40 years of experience in  delivering fully recoverable production services.

As the adoption of AWS cloud expands at a rapid pace, and IT complexity continue to increase, the demand for disaster recovery solutions that span the enterprise will continue to grow. At the same time, staff with the IT skills needed to manage cloud and DR are harder to come by.

Cloud Recovery – AWS brings the industry-leading DR experience of Sungard AS together with our expertise in managing and recovering complicated hybrid IT environments to deliver the business resiliency you need.

In addition, since we recently achieved Advanced Consulting Partner status in the AWS Partner Network, we have access to a range of resources and training to further support our customers as they deploy, run and manage applications on AWS.