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    5 Benefits of Colocation: Why It Should Be Part of Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

    There’s a lot that goes into managing a data centre. Learn More

    How businesses can prepare for the coronavirus

    By John Beattie The coronavirus outbreak continues to reach new milestones, the New York Times reports, disrupting businesses across the globe. Apple, Starbucks and... Learn More

    Which emerging technologies will impact your business in 2020?

    By James A. Martin The 2020 CES conference provided a peek at what the near future might look like, provided you’re on board with robotic pets, smart deadbolts and... Learn More

    Get the most out of your AWS cloud spend by customising your environment

    Once you get started in Amazon Web Services (AWS), it’s time to customise. Maybe you need custom patching, log monitoring or extra security monitoring features. What... Learn More

    5 biggest pop culture disasters of 2019 and what they can teach you about resilience

    The world of pop culture was hit with its fair share of disasters in 2019. While they might not be disasters at the scale of hurricanes, floods or cyberattacks, each... Learn More

    Business Continuity Planning: Creating A BCP Template

    By Dr Sandra Bell, Head of Resilience Consulting - Sungard AS Doing business in an increasingly uncertain world is becoming riskier. The rate of digital attacks and... Learn More

    What is Business Continuity?

    By Dr Sandra Bell, Head of Resilience Consulting - Sungard AS Why Business Continuity? If you had to imagine a worst-case scenario event for your business, what would... Learn More

    Six Business Continuity Strategy Planning Mistakes to Avoid

    By Sungard AS Disaster strikes when you least expect it, and if you're unprepared your organisation can face significant downtime, data loss and employee displacement... Learn More

    The Past, Present and Future of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    By Dr Sandra Bell, Head of Resilience Consulting - Sungard AS Being able to protect and continue the value creating operations of an organisation in the event of a... Learn More

    Are You in Denial About Your Enterprise’s Need for Resilience?

    By James A. Martin In a survey conducted for Sungard AS earlier this year, 500 U.S. C-suite executives were asked about their enterprise’s resilience. The results may... Learn More

    How to Identify and Manage Disaster Recovery Risk

    By John Beattie Your data and compute capabilities are spread across multiple data centers, computer rooms, availability zones, geographic regions and international... Learn More


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