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    Building a cloud-hosting strategy is not a game. Here’s why

    March 29, 2022 | By Sungard AS |

    cloud migration tech cartoon

    A game of darts can be used to settle a lot of things. Who covers the bar tab. Who picks the movie for the next movie night. Even banning a former soccer club owner from attending his old team’s matches for the foreseeable future. (Sorry, we miss Ted Lasso.

    But if you ever become desperate enough to use darts to make your business’ cloud hosting decisions, we suggest you reconsider immediately.

    Almost every organisation uses the cloud – 92% of businesses have a multi-cloud strategy, while 80% use hybrid cloud – but not every organisation is taking full advantage of it. One of the most common cloud mistakes businesses make is not properly planning for applications. 

    The varying business needs and goals of every company make a universal cloud strategy impossible and the same goes for the workloads within your organisation. Some applications work better in a private cloud, while others are better equipped for the public cloud. 

    Understanding things like security, performance, integration and data volume, and the combined effect they have on your workload placement is essential before making cloud-hosting choices. Other factors you must prioritise include business, technical and ecosystem considerations, as well as your existing applications and their overall cloud readiness.

    The benefits of the cloud are extensive, but you won’t realise them without a well-thought-out strategy rooted in best practises. And that includes determining what cloud environments make the most sense for each of your applications. 

    Anything else would be like throwing darts at a dartboard and leaving cloud hosting up to chance. That’s not a game worth playing.

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