CARTOON: Sunny skies, with a 50 percent chance of malware

    July 13, 2017
    No one ever calls for outages, and yet they happen all the time.

    They’re about as predictable as the weather. There are no patterns or seasons for server crashes and data breaches. And when they strike can be just as surprising as how they strike.

    Squirrels could mistake wires for nesting material. Hackers could infiltrate data when your guard is down. Even unexpected traffic surges can take down your servers if you’re not prepared.

    With all the unknowns out there, there are some things you can control. Make sure your disaster recovery plan works for you. Test it thoroughly and regularly, and update it as your IT systems and business evolves. And don’t forget to keep your employees up to speed on your plans and processes to minimise human error and confusion during an emergency.

    The weatherman in our cartoon is right (for once). Be ready for outages at any time, and you won’t be blindsided by an unexpected event.


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