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    Cartoon: What IT professionals see when they look at clouds

    April 4, 2019

    Some folks see trees when they look up at clouds. For others, clouds may take the form of a rabbit. But when IT professionals stare at clouds, they can’t help but picture a hosted private cloud with micro-segmentation. And for good reason.

    What IT professionals see when they look at clouds

    An increasing number of organisations are moving to the cloud for its obvious benefits. But along with this transition comes a greater need for more advanced cloud security measures. Micro-segmentation is one of these measures.

    Unlike traditional security defense strategies like firewalls and edge devices that protect the flow of north-south data by focusing on the perimeter, micro-segmentation focuses on the inside, isolating individual workloads to protect traffic that’s traveling east-west within a data center. So even if a bad actor manages to get past your perimeter security measures, micro-segmentation will prevent the attack from spreading.

    Failing to adapt security to meet the growing needs of increasingly complex IT environments can be catastrophic.

    With cloud security top of mind for IT professionals, it’s no wonder they’re seeing it everywhere they look.

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