Digital Transformation: Driving Cloud Adoption

    April 18, 2018

    By Corre Curtice

    We hear a lot about “digital transformation” these days. It’s constantly on the minds of every CIO, CISO and CTO. Marketing and sales organisations are keenly aware of the importance of the ‘digital experience’ they offer their customers. CEOs and boards of directors discuss how their companies should respond to the growing demands of a digital economy, and the value that comes from the right technology approach.

    But what does digital transformation really mean? Quite simply, the very nature of business has changed as technology has infiltrated our lives. From apps that track customer location, social media activity and spending power, to RFID readers that help manage factory automation – technology has enabled businesses to respond to customers and markets better than ever.

    To manage all this technology and the data that comes with it, companies are adopting various types of clouds. IT executives want to adopt cloud technology to gain the inherent benefits of cloud, but at the same time, they need to minimise the risk and resource impacts associated with their cloud deployments.

    The challenges faced by IT executives as they move to the cloud can be overwhelming:

    • They need to maximise their existing IT budgets to free resources for innovation and business growth
    • They need easy access to additional cloud capacity for future application needs, and to optimise matching business critical applications to the right cloud
    • They want protection from the possible impacts of noisy neighbors that can be found in multi-tenant and public clouds
    • They want predictable cloud spending that lets them accurately budget and move investment toward growth initiatives
    • And of course, they need dependable performance and granular control over how, where and when cloud resources are provisioned and consumed to meet their specific workload and application needs.

    But IT leaders must balance the need for flexibility and agility with concerns for security and resilience.

    • They need to ensure they are protecting highly sensitive data and personally identifiable information while remaining compliant with information security and privacy regulations, such as PCI-DSS.
    • And increasingly, IT leaders need to protect business continuity and minimise the risk of cyber threats and disaster related disruptions.

    What to do? Fortunately, there are many types of clouds to choose from, and many combinations of clouds that can suit most technology needs and budgets. Multi-cloud solutions are the way of business today, making it easier for the next level of commerce and IT distribution to function.

    For example, Sungard Availability Services has partnered with VMware and Dell EMC to help solve the challenges encountered by IT leaders as they adopt private clouds in support of their digital transformation journeys. Customers seeking the advantages of the cloud but needing the security, control and performance advantages of a fully dedicated environment find that Sungard AS Hosted Private Cloud (HPC) provides a dedicated and isolated private cloud built with resilience and recovery in mind.

    Since announcing our Hosted Private Cloud solution last month, customers from the food & beverage, technology, automotive and real estate sectors have tapped Sungard AS to build their HPC environments. They cite the need for greater scalability, security and resilience as key reasons for choosing to go with Sungard AS.

    You can learn more about the Sungard AS Hosted Private Cloud solution with VMware NSX at Dell Technologies World, April 30 – May 2 at the Venetian, Las Vegas. Visit Sungard AS in Booth #447 or attend my breakout session in the World Chat Theater B on Wednesday, May 2 at 4:10 p.m. Either way, you will discover how Sungard AS is transforming IT for resilient business.

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