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    How to Gauge Your Cloud Maturity

    December 6, 2019 | By Sungard AS |

    How do you measure maturity? Many parents measure their child's growth by marking their height with a pencil on a door frame every year or so. Investors advise people to measure their financial growth by comparing their assets versus their liabilities. In terms of career growth, HR experts suggest you make positive contributions, connect with the right people, and expand your knowledge base as you pursue new opportunities.

    For organisations managing their path to the cloud (and in today's IT environment, cloud's not even an option any more – it's inevitable), Forrester Research has written a report1, part of its cloud computing playbook, to help enterprises gauge their maturity and measure success. Guest speaker Bill Martorelli, Principal Analyst for Forrester Research, presents his guidelines for cloud growth across three key competencies – people, processes and technology – in an upcoming 30-minute webinar with Sungard Availability Services on Dec. 12 at 2 p.m. ET.

    Cloud strategies differ extensively based on the context of your organisation and investments. Drivers such as industry, risk tolerance, and preparation dictate your implementation pace and scope and the technologies you need — yet every cloud strategy shares key foundational activities.

    This webinar will guide you through Forrester's cloud maturity assessment so you can gauge where your firm is on its cloud journey and discover which core competencies you need to strengthen or develop to enable your pragmatic cloud reality.

    For example, as any organisation knows, it's important to align your IT resources with your business needs in the now while being ready for what's in the future. With the right cloud service provider, you can greatly simplify your transition to the cloud as you transform the way you consume and pay for IT services.

    As you move forward with a cloud strategy, you'll need to gain better management of your complex cloud environment to improve overall spend, while maximising utilisation and leveraging enterprise-level support. It's also critical that you build resilience across cloud-based production and recovery systems, as you adapt your Hybrid IT environment by leveraging the latest advances in cloud to support the changing needs and demands of your business.

    Having a cloud maturity assessment can help you do all this and more, as you assess your needs and evaluate the right cloud environments for your specific systems and workloads. Then, you can migrate your applications and manage the combination of integrating new cloud hosting infrastructures with existing systems for a more efficient cloud IT environment.

    Regardless of your status on the growth chart, understanding the complete business picture is the key to developing a solid cloud strategy. That includes not only new and innovative technology elements, but also the current IT environment, resources as well as service level demands projected for the future.

    Gauging your cloud maturity can seem as elusive and unpredictable as trying to catch a cloud and pin it down. But with a solid strategy and the right guidance, businesses can confidently move forward, making sound business decisions, charting a direct course through migration, and reaping the many benefits the cloud offers.

    Join us for the final Sungard AS webinar of 2019 featuring Bill Martorelli from Forrester to see where your organisation stands in the journey to the cloud.

    1 FORRESTER ©2019 Forrester Research Inc. “Gauge Your Cloud Maturity | Assessment: The Cloud Computing Playbook | By Lauren E. Nelson and Bill Martorelli,”  September 5, 2019

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