International Women’s Day: Let’s bring balance to the workplace together

    March 7, 2019
    The theme for International Women’s Day 2019 is “Balance for Better”, and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate message.

    While the theme refers to achieving gender balance at work, it encapsulates so much more. Work/life balance. The give and take in a mentoring relationship. Taking time for yourself vs. helping others.

    By shining a light on the many ways we need to find balance, we’re acknowledging that workplace inequality and gender bias still exist. And change is only possible when we work together.

    We have a powerful team of women at Sungard AS. In honor of this day, we’ve collected inspirational quotes from many of them, focusing on everything from finding a work/life balance to the positive effect mentoring other women has on driving balance in the workplace.

    We hope these thoughts not only resonate with you, but most importantly, inspire you to “Balance for Better.”

    “Mentoring is a powerful force to encourage, inspire and support other women to pursue their career ambitions. It’s a bit like ‘paying it forward,’ in that when you’re in a senior position, helping others learn from your experience and see the path a bit more clearly can make a real difference.” -- Kathy Schneider, CMO

    “Have the courage to be exactly who you are – no one will ever be a better you than you. Have the passion to follow your abilities – they will take you further than your dreams. Have the desire to prioritise yourself – take care of yourself before you take care of others. Finally, have the intellect to never second guess your decisions – you make the best choices that you can in the moment.” -- Heather Kay, Senior Director – Talent Management 

    “Find your voice, your unique perspective. Give yourself the chance to speak up and be open to failure or conflict. Oftentimes innovation comes through conflicting ideas.” -- Shawn Nelson, Senior Director – Cloud Services Product Management

    “Focus your full attention for as long as you have that moment at home or at work, whether it’s 20 minutes or four straight hours. At the end of your day, realize that whatever you were able to give that day made an impact.” -- Beth Farnesi, Director, CTO Initiatives

    “Some people may resent your success – but always remember that’s their problem, not yours.” -- Dr. Sandra Bell, Head of Resilience Consulting (Europe)

    “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to realise that much of work/life balance, and to some extent, even gender-balanced work environments, comes down to how we as women proactively position ourselves in the workplace. Historically we, as women, felt in part like we had to ask for permission for balance, or assumed that it was not an option. However, today finding balance is important and we can assertively claim the balance we need. Naturally, we also need to be selective about choosing activities, deliverables and problems that can be tackled in order to drive the most success in the time we are willing to invest. It is never about doing it all, but doing what makes the biggest difference. If you do this with conviction and consistently deliver, then 80-90 percent of the time the rest works itself out.” -- Michelle L. LeVan, VP, Global AWS Alliances

    “I’m sure many organisations would agree that they need the best and brightest thinkers available at all levels of their business, regardless of gender. However, it is important to remember that some genders are under represented in some levels of the business, so we need to be working toward an equitable inclusion at each level of a business and within all business domains.” -- Sue Clark, Senior CTO Architect

    “Building and maintaining authentic and trusted relationships across your company and industry is critical to driving gender balance in the workforce. How will you initiate change and be heard if you don’t have an audience or a seat at the table?” -- Alison Brooker, Corporate Communications Director

    “Look for that strength that being a woman provides when times are tough.” -- Jenny Sheppard, Senior Director – Global Human Resources

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