IT security cartoon: When your security solution is actually the problem

    June 5, 2019

    Security should be a high priority for every organisation. Unfortunately, there is a serious shortage of quality cybersecurity staffers on the market.


    Who’s overseeing your organisation’s security? Are they equipped to secure your data and prevent ransomware attacks, or are they more likely to be scanning for viruses with a metal detector and patching systems with tape and paper?

    When (ISC)2 asked cybersecurity professionals about gaps in their workforce, 63% said there’s a short supply of cybersecurity-focused IT employees at their companies. And 60% believe their organisations are at “moderate-to-extreme” risk of attacks because of this shortage.    

    Mitch Kavalsky, Director, Security Governance and Risk at Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS), believes you can solve this problem by focusing less on hiring cybersecurity personnel with expertise in specific technologies, and more on bringing in employees with well-rounded security-focused skillsets capable of adapting as needed.

    But as Bob Petersen, CTO Architect at Sungard AS, points out, a company’s overall security should not be limited to the security team; it needs to be a key component of everyone’s job. “There needs to be more of a push to drive cybersecurity fundamentals into different IT roles. The role of the security team should be to set standards, educate and monitor. They can’t do it all themselves.”

    Invest in your company’s security. But invest in it the right way – with the right people. If not, you’re bound to have more problems than solutions.

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