Patched-together IT systems can leave travelers tied up after M&A

    December 13, 2017

    When airlines undergo mergers and acquisitions (M&A)—and they frequently do—it means merging IT systems, too, if they don’t rebuild IT infrastructure from scratch or run the systems separately. Merging is the choice companies often make, and it can also be the riskiest.


    Jumbled IT systems can cause outages and critical system failures, threatening to ground thousands of flights, and could even allow too many pilots to have the holidays off.

    “Quick and dirty” fixes that can get you off the ground often turn into long-term solutions—ones that can sideline your operation years from now. One dormant glitch could make your scheduling system decide to play Santa.

    Take the time to remap your systems entirely, with all the dependencies, and treat them as one system. Then you can be sure your infrastructure is more reliable, and your disaster recovery plan can recover the full IT environment.

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