Sungard AS salutes the everyday transformer at DRJ Spring

    March 19, 2019
    “More Than Meets the Eye” is the slogan for Transformers, a popular line of children’s action figures in which parts can be shifted around to transform a toy from a vehicle, device or animal into a robot – and back again. Tales of the Transformers’ lives, hopes, struggles and victories are recounted in larger-than-life stories where the typical Transformer toy saves the world from cyber deceptions, rescues humans from disasters, or battles enemies to save the universe from evil powers.   

    That’s a little what it’s like for disaster recovery professionals: humans working with technology to save the day in the face of unprecedented man-made and natural events. Today’s typical disasters, from weather-related events to cyber-crimes to terrorist strikes, truly represent more than meets the eye. You could say that DR professionals – a permanent fixture in our lives, from the board room to the situation room to the living room – are the real transformers of our time.  

    One way to see “transformer magic” come to life is to tour one of Sungard Availability Services’ (Sungard AS) Mobile Workplace Recovery Units (MRUs) at the upcoming DRJ Spring conference in Orlando, March 24 through 26 (Booth #717; the MRU will be located in the back left of the exhibit hall – you can’t miss it!). The typical MRU is a fully self-contained 18-wheeler with diesel-generated power and high-speed satellite communications. But once taken apart and re-assembled, each MRU contains the essential elements businesses need to move forward with disaster recovery processes and their day-to-day business.

    Sungard AS – a leading provider of critical production and recovery services to enterprise companies and public-sector organisations – offers Mobile Recovery Workplace services throughout the U.S. and Canada to enable businesses to keep their people close to home following an outage or disaster.  

    Able to support training, exercises and tests, plus full disaster recovery scenarios, Sungard AS MRUs can keep critical staff members operational with their ability to operate independent of commercial power and telco. The average MRU “transformation” takes about 90 minutes, from the moment the cargo vehicle is staged until the time it is fully operational. This marks the first time a Sungard AS Mobile Recovery Unit has been displayed on the show floor of a major conference. 

    In addition to the MRUs for workplace recovery, Sungard AS also has Mobile Data Centers (MDCs) which can support dozens of rack-mount servers and infrastructure with diesel-generated power and high-speed satellite communications. In recent years, Sungard AS Mobile Recovery Units have supported business customers following events ranging from Hurricane Katrina to Superstorm Sandy, to as recently as Hurricane Michael in 2018. 

    The MRU will be on display throughout the day at DRJ Spring, and will showcase the usual features offered in each unit such as: 

    • Professionally-installed Category 5e/Cat 6 cabling for voice and data
    • Multiple-platform support, including mid-range, distributed systems, server and desktop environments
    • PCs and printers
    • Lighting, heating, and air conditioning
    • Universal accessibility lift
    • Fire suppression
    • Security system, with closed-circuit cameras

    In addition to ongoing MRU tours, presentations from Sungard AS will take place at the following times in the Mobile Recovery Unit:

    Sungard AS Workforce Continuity and Mobile Recovery Services 

    • Sunday, March 24 – 6 p.m. 
    • Monday, March 25 – 12:45 p.m. 
    • Tuesday, March 26 – 12:45 p.m. 

    You may think your company is prepared for when disaster strikes, but are you really? What does that even mean? These are essential questions to ask, because failing to prepare can be catastrophic for your business. We invite you to attend our session Achieving a state of recovery readiness: How prepared are you for a disaster? presented by Joseph George, Vice President of Global Recovery Services, Sungard AS, on March 26th at 9:30 a.m. in Fiesta Room 6. We’ll walk you through what it means to be recovery-ready, the steps to take to ensure your company is recovery-ready, the cost implications of achieving readiness, and most importantly, how to maintain a state of recovery readiness. 

    Mobile Recovery Units may not be as colorful or playful as a Transformer robot, but they’re just as reliable an ally in the face of threats. Join us at DRJ Spring and find out how Sungard AS is transforming IT for resilient business, serving as the right partner when your organisation wants to maintain its most critical operations and personnel during any incident.  

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