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    Which Cloud Service is right for you?

    By Sungard AS Private on-premise, private hosted, public  or shared and hybrid. These are just some of the varieties of cloud service on the market today, all very... Learn More

    Colocation? Managed Hosting? Public Cloud? Which Is Best For Me?

    By Sungard AS Managed hosting, colocation and public cloud computing all have the same goal: getting the greatest business value out of scarce IT resources and limited... Learn More

    When is DIY the Wrong Answer?

    By Andy Stone A couple of years ago, the Huffington Post ran an article called “The Courage to Screw Up: Why DIY is Good for You.” The article extolled the virtues of... Learn More

    VMWorld: What a Difference a Year Makes

    By Shawn Nelson It’s been two years since I attended VMworld, the global conference for virtualization and cloud computing hosted by VMware, and it was a totally... Learn More

    What Are IT Managed Services?

    By Sungard AS As an alternative to managing IT assets in house, organisations can opt to delegate the responsibility for managing compute, storage and network... Learn More

    Definitions & Examples Of The Different Cloud Services

    By Sungard AS Private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructure services explained Choosing the right cloud solution for your business is key to ensuring a balance... Learn More

    What Is Hybrid IT? The Benefits & Approaches

    By Sungard AS Defining Hybrid IT Hybrid IT, in its most simple form, is the mix of IT infrastructure platforms - legacy on-premise and private/public hybrid clouds -... Learn More

    Today's apps mean big business

    By Sungard AS Today, apps are no longer just for games - they are taking on big business. Just as David once felled Goliath with a well-aimed pebble, so too are... Learn More

    How To Choose Between Public, Private, or Hybrid Clouds

    By Sungard AS Choosing the right cloud solution for your business is crucial to ensuring that you have the right level of computing support and security to meet the... Learn More

    The Difference Between Public and Private Cloud

    By Sungard AS What is the difference between public and private cloud? Choosing the right cloud solution for your business is a vital part of a creating a strong... Learn More

    Private Cloud Definition & Uses

    By Sungard AS The private cloud is a data hosting solution dedicated to a single customer and is the best solution for businesses concerned about performance, security... Learn More

    Managed Cloud AWS Gives You the Best of Two Leading Brands

    From 31 March, Sungard Availability Services will offer managed services on both our hosted private cloud (HPC) and on Amazon Web Services' (AWS). Managed Cloud – AWS... Learn More


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