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    Whitepaper: Four Things Every CEO Should know About Ransomware

    Ransomware is growing at an annual rate of 350% according to the Cisco 2017 Cybersecurity Report with global ransomware costs predicted to reach $5bn this year, up from $325m... Learn More

    GDPR overview: Everything you need to know for compliance

    By Herb Schreib, Sungard AS Security Consulting Practice Director PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA. The alphabet soup of government regulations and compliance standards is enough... Learn More

    National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Should it be held daily?

    By Shawn Burke National Cyber Security Awareness Month has been observed every October since 2004, and while it is a worthwhile occasion, it may be time to think about... Learn More

    Why Bad Rabbit ransomware was easily preventable

    By Asher DeMetz Another ransomware attack made its way across the globe this week. Bad Rabbit started spreading across Russia and Eastern Europe on Oct. 24, and was... Learn More

    3 ways to defuse the threat of ransomware

    By Dan Muse Any cyber-attack makes IT pros shudder, but ransomware adds an extra element by its very nature – after all, you are not only attacked, but held hostage.... Learn More

    BCI Cyber Resilience Report Paints Worrying Picture

      A new report published by the BCI and sponsored by Sungard Availability Services confirms cyberattacks are a constantly evolving threat that is growing more dangerous by... Learn More

    Collaborative Security: CSOs Partner with the Business for Protection

    With their company's systems, data and brand to protect, Chief Security Officers (CSOs) were once considered just the people who said "no." Now, CSOs are abolishing the... Learn More

    Click now and get free malware for your whole network!!!

    You won’t likely be duped into sending money to an overseas bank account anytime soon. But phishing scams and malware-laced communications are constantly evolving As... Learn More

    Cartoon: Ignoring software update pop-ups? You may get a ransom note instead.

    Hackers prey on complacency like thieves checking cars in a parking lot: They don’t have to break windows if you leave the doors unlocked. They bet organisations won’t... Learn More

    Think you’re safe from a cyberattack? A security gap analysis may tell you otherwise.

    By Asher DeMetz Ransomware is wreaking havoc. An attack against Maersk cost the shipping company hundreds of millions of dollars. HBO was told to pay up or hackers... Learn More

    The Equifax Breach: No More Excuses

    By Shawn Burke The Equifax breach could very well change the way we protect our information in the future. While we all worry about how this devastating cyber hack... Learn More


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