The best of both worlds: Sungard AS Managed Backup - AWS Powered by Veritas

    November 26, 2018

    By Joseph George

    How often are you faced with making a trade-off decision where you need to make a sacrifice in one area to gain an advantage in another? A classic example in computer science is the space/time trade-off where a software program runs faster with more memory. Other examples include cost versus quality, spending versus investing, and even relaxing versus exercising.

    The phrase “the best of both worlds” refers to a win-win situation, the best of all possible worlds in which you can enjoy the benefit of two different opportunities at once and not have to make that trade-off.  That was what made the Apple iPhone so popular – the innovation was in being able to provide a very powerful device which was still easy to use. Apple was able to overcome the trade-off of functionality versus ease-of-use, resulting in a truly best-of-both-worlds product that was so intuitive that your grandmother could use a device designed without having to give up functionality and capability to do so.

    The challenge with cloud-based backup has always been the trade-off of quick access to backed up data in your data centre, versus the flexibility of storing data off-site in the public cloud. For Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS), we believe that “the best of both worlds” aptly describes our new Managed Backup – AWS solution, which provides customers with a fully managed backup service that brings together the scale, economics and power of storing data in the public cloud with the ability to restore quickly from a local appliance in a cost-effective offering.

    The service is fully managed, flexible with customisable backup schedules and policies, scalable and targeted to meet enterprise backup needs, and comes with a “grow as you need to” usage-based pricing model for offsite-data stored in AWS. It is SLA (service level agreement)-backed to deliver a minimum 98% success rate for scheduled backup jobs and restore requests.

    This “best of both worlds” solution is made possible through our partnership with Veritas, the leader in enterprise data protection. Veritas powers the Sungard AS Managed Backup – AWS solution with Veritas NetBackup Appliances and Veritas NetBackup Cloud Catalyst technology. These technologies use both compression and de-duplication to ensure efficient network optimisation and data transfer, enabling AWS as a target for off-site data protection.

    What’s more, customers will also be able to restore their data from AWS or local backups, using the NetBackup self-service portal or through Sungard AS. The solution includes fully managed backups; file, folder or full system restore granularity; and long-term data retention to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

    Sungard AS chose Veritas data protection technology as the foundation of the new Managed Backup – AWS solution to help customers bridge the complexities of hybrid architectures with their desire to safely migrate data to the cloud. It’s yet another example of how Sungard AS is leveraging its status as an AWS MSP Partner to provide customers with resilient, recoverable IT solutions on AWS.

    Companies who would benefit from this service include:

    • those who need to improve or replace existing backups that do not meet their business objectives;
    • those who require a managed backup service, yet face a lack of skills and staff;
    • companies who want a pay-as-you-go model; organisations who want to move away from tape for longer term retention; and
    • enterprises that already have or are looking for a public cloud strategy around data protection and recovery.

    For organisations who want the best of both worlds – the ability to reduce data protection costs, achieve secure and reliable backups, and gain rapid and simple system restores – Sungard AS and Veritas deliver fully managed services across AWS environments for business resilience.

    You can learn more about the Sungard AS Managed Backup – AWS solution powered by Veritas at AWS re:Invent, in a presentation by Joseph George, Sungard AS vice president of product management. Hear Joseph’s presentation in Veritas booth 1401 at the Sands Expo Halls B and C. It’s open from 4:00 p.m. on Monday, November 26th until 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 29th.

    Photo by Daniel Chen on Unsplash

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