What Do IT Leaders Wish For? Survey shows what areas US IT leaders want to improve the most

    October 19, 2017
     Ask any IT leader, and they’ll have a special wish list.

    For some, it might be waking up to a streamlined, agile and responsive IT infrastructure. For others, it could be the ability to transform their business with painless, seamless integration. And for others, it might be finding the silver lining in hybrid cloud adoption.

    To learn more, we decided to ask a group of IT leaders—1,350 IT executives from around the globe—these questions: If they could change just three areas within their organisation, what would they be? Where would they focus their energy, their budget and their investment resources?

    We published the answers to that question—among many others—in The Little Book of IT. This research is available for free at www.littlebookofit.com.

    If you’d like a glimpse of some of the highlights of the book, take a peek at IT spending strategies in our new infographic. This piece includes:

    • The spending initiatives of US-based companies today
    • The top three technology areas for improvement
    • An industry breakdown of improvement priorities—from utilities, finance, transportation & logistics to healthcare, retail & consumer and manufacturing & production

    Get the infographic, then order the Little Book of IT for more insights into what’s happening in the IT world.

    It may be called LITTLE, but its full of BIG ideas and valuable information on what your peers—and competitors—are doing this year.


    1 Survey commissioned by Sungard Availability Services and conducted by Vanson Bourne, an independent technology market research firm.

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