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    IT cartoon: Why on-demand scalability is at the top of Santa’s wish list

    December 1, 2020

    The holidays. A time for laughter. A time for cheer. And who could forget, a time for surges in online shopping.

    In 2020, however, you can expect a surge on top of the usual surge.

    Online sales during November and December are projected to climb 33% year over year to a record $189 billion, according to Adobe Analytics. That’s good news, but any glitches in availability risk hurting more than just retailers’ bottom line.

    This time of year, businesses must ensure they have enough bandwidth to scale up during the busy season and scale down when it passes. But no matter how prepared companies think they are to handle the online holiday rush, there’s always at least one that crumbles under the flood of shoppers.

    That’s why working with a provider that offers high-performance, low-latency connectivity that can be scaled up or down on-demand is key. This will enable you to respond to changing business demands and workload fluctuations in real time.

    If Santa’s provider offered that real-time flexibility, he could’ve easily scaled his bandwidth to support virtual visits when Rudolph and his elves were hogging the network.

    You want your customers to remember your company for the right reasons this holiday season. If they can’t shop because you lack the necessary bandwidth, it’ll cost you. And it’ll be worse than an empty box or a lump of coal in your stocking.



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