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    Get flexible and adaptable end-to-end solutions built to scale with you at the pace you need to grow.

    Connectivity Simplified.

    Megaport is the highly scaled Network as a Service (NaaS) organisation utilising 100 Gbps technology to deliver dedicated access to cloud services. The Company’s Software Defined Network (SDN) enables the interconnection of enterprises and service providers across hundreds of data centre locations around the globe. Fast, flexible, and dynamic, Megaport’s connectivity solution is transforming the way businesses reach leading cloud services from Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, IBM, SAP, Nutanix, Salesforce, and Alibaba.

    • Greater network and business agility
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Increased speed to market


    Connectivity is Key

    The way we connect our IT infrastructure has evolved. Solving the challenges of distributed cloud computing is easy when you have world leading connectivity services at your fingertips.

    The Need is Clear

    Enterprises are increasingly operating in complex and diverse environments—87% of organisations have a hybrid cloud strategy, while 93% have a multi-cloud strategy with an average of five clouds, according to the Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report. 

    In combining Sungard AS’ world-class expertise in infrastructure, cloud, recovery, and workplace solutions with Megaport’s industry-leading network capabilities, you gain flexible and adaptable end-to-end solutions built to scale with you at the pace you need to grow.

    Available from Sungard AS’ Connected Infrastructure Hubs in eight data centres throughout North America and Europe, customers can now leverage high-performance, low-latency connectivity to public cloud environments. This allows enterprises to further optimise application performance by streamlining their hybrid IT and multi-cloud landscapes.




    The Megaport Software Defined Network (SDN) brings greater cloud connectivity to the enterprise

    With an extensive footprint throughout North America, Asia Pacific and Europe, customers can access the network in hundreds of locations and growing.

    Key features of the Sungard AS and Megaport solution:

    • Connectivity to the world’s leading cloud providers – through Megaport, more than 300 cloud service providers are available to connect with.
    • Ability to achieve global reach – with access to over 80 cloud regions from just one Megaport-enabled data centre, customers can connect anywhere in the world.
    • Enhanced security – companies can bypass the risks of the public internet through Megaport’s secure private network.
    • Maximum flexibility – enterprises can scale bandwidth up and down on-demand, while choosing the contract terms that best fit your cloud usage.
    • Speed of provisioning – connections are made within seconds - not minutes – giving almost instantaneous connectivity.
    • The reality of a hybrid IT and multi-cloud environment – customers can connect their physical and private cloud infrastructure to, and across, multiple clouds and cloud providers.


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