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    Enterprise Cloud Services Case Study Booklet


    Today’s businesses and customers demand more. Emerging technology is creating new possibilities – but with them come higher expectations. In this demanding environment, everyday services must be seamless, immediate and impervious to changes in workload.

    With so much information changing hands in so little time, physical infrastructure is no longer adequate. Through our Managed Cloud Services, we provide the connectivity, availability and scalability businesses need to ensure exceptional service, every day.

    See how we've helped the following clients:

    John Menzies plc: Sometimes You Need to Transform to Expand

    Every day, Menzies distributes over 5 million newspapers in the UK and operates cargo flights between 140 airports in 31 countries. Business is good, and a global expansion plan is in place. But for this to be carried out successfully, Menzies needs greater flexibility, to scale its IT so that it can meet new business demand.

    This would be too expensive and time-consuming to achieve in-house, so they have outsourced their infrastructure to us, in a ten-year, multi-million-pound deal.

    Procon: You Get a Better View from the Cloud

    Like any piece of equipment, computing systems need constant maintenance to keep doing what they need to do every day. But sometimes – whether it’s a heavy excavator or complex IT hardware – age usurps usefulness and it just has to be replaced. 

    Mining contractor Procon had a 20-year-old ERP system that simply wasn’t pulling its weight any more. The firm wanted greater visibility of costs, so that it could set pricing more accurately and compete more effectively. It was time for a fresh approach.

    Transics: Providing a Perfect Logistics Platform

    There’s a lot of pressure in the logistics industry. Deliveries have to be on time. Hold-ups aren’t tolerated. Delays can cost millions.

    Everything must keep moving. Without transportation, consumers would have nothing to consume. And without a constant flow of easily accessible information, transportation would grind to a halt.

    Mick' Hybrid Cloud Fuels Growth For Car Parts Supplier

    E-Commerce company needed a cloud partner it could depend on to support its ambitious expansion plans across Europe. 

    With more than 6.5 million product listings and customers needing their spare parts urgently, is heavily reliant on its IT infrastructure to manage the complex logistics operation.

    Home Office: A Cloud-First Policy For Public Sector IT

    The Home Office relies on four vital applications to ensure the safety of citizens, prevent fraud, license the import and export of controlled drugs and precursor chemicals, and equip civil servants with the knowledge to do their jobs effectively.

    The organization needed a cloud partner it could depend on to host the applications and provide a disaster recovery service to minimize downtime.

    Zyme: Scaling For Growth With A Private Cloud

    Every day, goods worth millions of dollars flow through indirect distribution channels. Given clearer visibility of this process, manufacturers can optimize their production, partnerships, and marketing spend accordingly. This is the market-changing service that Zyme provides.

    To meet growing customer expectation for business continuity, while economically scaling for growth, Zyme partnered with us to transform its IT infrastructure from a legacy hosting model to an agile, secure and highly credible private cloud that integrates recovery into production.

    Fujifilm Scales Up in a Flash

    Every day across Europe, thousands of people use Fujifilm’s online platform to edit their photos and order prints, photo books, mugs, coasters and clothing. To keep these customers happy and loyal to the Fujifilm brand, this process needs to run fast and smoothly. 

    LionTrust: Enabling Every Investment Opportunity

    In the cut and thrust world of finance, vast amounts can be gained and lost every day. Direct decisions are required; instant actions are imperative.

    We help leading investment management company, LionTrust, deal with £3.4 billion worth of business, reliably and securely – anywhere in the world.

    FolderWave: Managing A Virtual Avalanche Of Data

    There’s tremendous variability in process of enrolling students and managing their information, from one school to another. The only certainties seem to be the large volume of personal data involved and the need for security.

    Every year, FolderWave helps flagship colleges and universities manage a virtual avalanche of documents, including everything from admission applications and financial aid forms to contracts and grants.

    Enfield Council: Delivering Tailored Solutions For Secure Integration

    Targeted to save £56m by 2020, Enfield Borough Council is leading the way in pioneering innovative technologies to drive up cost efficiencies. So when its outsourcing agreement with a third party provider came to an end, it took the opportunity to take advantage of the new cloud technologies available.

    3,500 employees rely on the Borough’s IT infrastructure to provide vital services to its 320,000 citizens and businesses, so a smooth transition was essential. 

    Apply Financial: Reliable Cloud-based Service

    Spanning 240 countries, with details for 870,000 bank branches and more than 440,000 corresponding bank account numbers, employees at Apply Financial have to keep pace with 5,000 changes a day to keep records up to date.

    Apply Financial came to us to deliver a reliable cloud based service to streamline and automate this time-consuming, manual process.