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    The Resilience Imperative Report


    This report examines the largest threats to resilience in business today, the enormous toll these take on those in leadership positions, and how companies can better support employees in times of crisis by creating greater business resilience.

    To understand the challenges companies now face, and draw conclusions on how to best to combat these, Sungard AS surveyed business leaders across the UK and Ireland. The results demonstrate a C-Suite with a delicate balance on their hands in times of technological disruption.

    The study uncovered three key imperatives driving resilience in organisations today:

    • The Fiscal Imperative. The immediate financial impact of lost business, repairing operations and services and adjusting to any long-term effects.
    • The Reputational Imperative. The reputational cost to organisations and employees, damaging brand perception in the eyes of customers and partners.
    • The Personal Imperative. A new resilience imperative identified by this research – the personal impact on the individuals involved. A concerning number of business leaders admit their mental health has suffered as a result of technology disruptions, with the majority having suffered stress related illnesses and/or damage to their mental well-being.