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    Operational resilience: How to survive and thrive

    10th February 2022 

    Virtual Roundtable

    This virtual roundtable event, hosted by Noord for businesses in Ireland will look at the impact of operational resilience.

    With the business landscape having changed significantly over the last 12 months and with cyber-attacks on the increase, having adequate business continuity, disaster recovery programs are essential. Failure to do so will not only affect your customers but could hand a competitive advantage to your rivals.

    In this virtual round table, we will explore operational resilience and how it is an essential part of enabling organisations to survive and thrive in the rapidly changing circumstances that we face after the pandemic. We’ll look at the wider organisational capabilities needed to ensure your business responds appropriately, whatever the disruption.

    Areas we’ll look to cover include:
    • The importance of understanding your important business services and planning to keep them operational
    • What effect increasing regulation is having on businesses and how to demonstrate compliance when it comes to operational resilience
    • The importance of agility, communications, and workarounds
    • Understanding where operational risk concentrates and how to address single points of failure
    • The wider consequences of not taking operational resilience seriously for both businesses and customers.

    If you would like to reserve a place at this event please visit:

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