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    Was it love or just lockdown?

    This report examines how businesses have worked with third-party technology partners to tackle IT and cloud challenges during the pandemic and takes a look at what comes next.


    Relationships with third-party technology partners have been vital to helping businesses stay resilient and keep operations afloat throughout the coronavirus pandemic. From established financial institutions to successful high-street retailers, internationally renowned airlines to next-generation entertainment platforms, no industry has been left unaffected by the global health crisis that has impacted nearly every aspect of modern-day living.

    Successfully navigating digital transformation efforts under such circumstances has been a challenge for organisations across the world. Companies of all shapes and sizes have been forced to think differently, adopt online productivity and collaboration tools to support staff at lightning speed, and in many cases, shift operations to the cloud.

    Data from Synergy Research shows that enterprise spending on cloud infrastructure services reached $65 billion by the third quarter of 2020, up 28 percent from the third quarter of 2019. This was 3 percent higher than analysts expected before the pandemic hit, adding close to $1.5 billion of spending to that quarter alone. But were these investments in cloud underpinned by a desire to innovate or a necessity to act rapidly at a time of crisis?

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