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    7 Key Elements of a Succuessful Cloud Strategy


    A solid strategy requires depth of understanding. Not just an understanding of technology – but an understanding of the complete business picture.

    In any journey, it is critical to have a clear destination in mind before you embark.

    When you are considering cloud technology, it is no different: your direction should be driven by your business objectives.

    For example:

    • Do you need automated deployment with the ability to scale on demand?
    • Do you need a more agile development environment to accelerate new
      application testing?
    • Do you need to shift from a capex to an opex business model?

    Remember, your application architecture, automation platforms, template management, workflow and approval process, chargeback and costing procedures, monitoring, management, security, forensics, and so much more are impacted by any technology change.

    Understanding where you are going is the first step to making a strategic decision and, for outsourced solutions, to determining a vendor whose processes, procedures, and abilities will best fit your needs.

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    Chief Technology Officer
    Data is our business, so it’s extremely critical that we maintain a solid, secure infrastructure for our analysts to perform their work. We’ve partnered with Sungard AS to build redundancy and resiliency into everything we do, and we’ve never had an issue with downtime that’s caused by environment, location or networks.

    Chief Technology Officer, Verus Analytics

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