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7 Key Elements of a Succuessful Cloud Strategy

Cloud technology has gone mainstream. Many enterprises have upwards of five or more different types of clouds, which adds complexity to their IT business.

Performance scale and reliability are both tables-stakes these days, while more and more enterprises are seeking-out partners who can deliver high performance, low latency connectivity across their IT estate to add that competitive edge we all desire.

With a solid strategy and the right guidance, businesses can confidently move forward: making sound business decisions, charting a direct course through migration, transition and reaping the many benefits the cloud offers. But what are the key elements of a successful cloud strategy?

Forgetting for a moment the overhyped assertions that “everyone is moving to the cloud” and “the cloud is the right decision for every business,” how will you determine if the cloud is the single best solution for your organization or is just part of a more complex composite solution?

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