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A Four-Step Plan For Business Continuity


We live in an era of heightened awareness about the risks that threaten our businesses and our way of life. Extreme weather events and natural disasters dominate the news cycles. Terrorists and cyber criminals create uncertainties that cannot be ignored.

Business leaders are rightly concerned about the risks they face, but few are truly prepared to respond. Some may lack a formal business continuity (BC) plan, while others have one on a shelf that was developed years ago as a "once-and-done" project.

However, BC plans are living documents requiring regular updates to reflect changes in the business and the threat landscape. Even one created today may not stand up to a disruptive event that occurs next month. An out-of-date plan can’t be trusted to orchestrate countless details in a time of crisis - when calm, rational action is essential to protect the company and restore its operations.

Learn from the experience of others

How can organisations focus on BC planning and overcome the obstacles to success? Whether your business has an existing plan that needs a refresh or you are starting a plan from scratch, you can learn from the experiences of others who have taken the same journey.

Since Sungard AS has helped companies assess and manage risk for 40 years, we've learned a lot from the experiences of our customers and the critical success factors that are essential for a BC program. In this paper, we'll share some of knowledge we've gleaned from those experiences and outline the steps of the BC planning process we use to help our clients.

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Manager of Business Resiliency and Compliance
Our goal was to gain a holistic view of the BC program across all Unitil business areas and to set priorities for next steps. We looked at several third-party consultants and Sungard AS was the one that stood out. They demonstrated both the business continuity and disaster recovery expertise we needed.

Manager of Business Resiliency and Compliance, Unitil

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