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Trends and Directions in Workforce Continuity and Business Resilience


When the unexpected hits, companies shift into recovery mode. Business processes have to be up and running again, fast. In today’s technological world, that invariably involves computer systems, data, networks, and applications.

But to recover these, and to get back to normal business operations, you need your people. We are seeing a new direction in business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/ DR): putting people at the center to ensure resiliency.

This white paper examines the five distinct trends supporting this new direction:

  • Tiered workforce
  • Strategic communications
  • Blended solutions
  • Workforce resiliency
  • Rigorous exercises

These five trends in workforce continuity are steadily bringing the people portion of the business continuity equation up to the level that the technology portion has already achieved. The combined power of the two forces will provide businesses with the holistic approach necessary to meet whatever challenges they encounter with resiliency—and success.

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Chief Technology Officer
Data is our business, so it’s extremely critical that we maintain a solid, secure infrastructure for our analysts to perform their work. We’ve partnered with Sungard AS to build redundancy and resiliency into everything we do, and we’ve never had an issue with downtime that’s caused by environment, location or networks.

Chief Technology Officer, Verus Analytics

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