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    Network services

    Through leveraging our global, robust and secure network infrastructure, we’re able to connect you to the services that power your business, today, tomorrow and beyond.

    Comprehensive connectivity solutions through a single provider.

    Sungard AS Network Services are more than just a method of high-performance, low-latency data transport: They are an enabler of business, making employees more productive and customer interactions more positive and profitable.

    Network Services from Sungard AS is formed by multiple core components, each with unique abilities and key service offerings.
    • Drive digital transformation
    • Secure your environment
    • Deliver business resililence
    • Optimize your spend

    Our Network Services

    IP bandwidth

    Highly available, fully redundant, low latency managed internet connectivity

    Cloud connectivity

    Connecting our customers to the cloud services that power their business

    Data center interconnectivity

    The Sungard AS eco-system of global interconnected data centers

    Edge access

    Allowing data processing to shift from our centralised locations to the network’s edge, where people and devices interact.

    Network as a Service (NaaS)

    Futureproofing WAN and LAN environments through harnessing the latest technologies in hardware innovation.

    Benefits of Sungard AS Network Services

    • Global availability

      Our global fabric allows WAN transformation across your entire estate, including data centres, branch offices, and remote satellite locations across the globe.

    • Network reliability

      The Sungard AS redundant backbone architecture is purpose-built to withstand fiber cuts and outages to ensure your systems and services are always available.

    • One provider, multiple services

      Access multiple Cloud providers through a single connection which bypass the internet for a more predictable, high bandwidth low latency service.

    • Security and compliance

      DDoS black hole mitigation comes as standard and additional products from our security product portfolio are available.

    • Flexible terms

      Avoid contract lock-in with the freedom of a month-to-month Cloud on-ramp, allowing you to only Pay for what you use and scale bandwidth as your business demands.

    • Service optimisation

      Speed to market through software instantiation of WAN connectivity, you're only a cross-connect away from the Cloud and SaaS services that power your business.


    We have vast experience in providing network services for our customers.

    Sungard AS has a 40+ year track record for connecting businesses to solutions that drive digital transformation, secure environments, and deliver business resilience. Backed by high-performance networks, Sungard AS helps its customers to flexibly grow and adapt to optimise and simplify their hybrid and multi-cloud landscapes. Since the very beginning, Sungard AS has been Disrupting the marketplace by offering best-in-class services at a competitive price point. Through our broad range of partnerships, our customers can benefit from multiple services with the convenience of only having to liaise with one provider.

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    *Source: Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report