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    Cloud Recovery DRaaS Services

    Sungard AS Cloud Recovery DRaaS services go beyond technology with all-inclusive, fully managed DR solutions to support the always-on demands of your business.

    Protect and recover your Hybrid IT environment

    ​How much risk are you willing to take on? A DR plan is more than just checking a box. With the average cost of downtime $67K per critical and $61K per non-critical workload*, the resource investment in your DR plan must align with your true costs of a failover.

    Whether it’s a cyberattack, a power outage or network outage, Sungard AS is the recovery partner you can always depend on to keep your business running.

    *Veeam 2020 Data Protection Trends 


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    Video: Sungard AS Cloud Recovery – the one Disaster Recovery partner you can always depend on

    Sungard AS’ Cloud DR solutions deliver recovery speeds of 1VM per minute and fully managed testing and recovery execution so that you can focus on getting your business back on track after a disaster.
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    Use Cases

    ​Organisations are finding it increasingly harder to meet the unforgiving uptime demands of the business. Therefore, it is critical to partner with a tested and proven disaster recovery team like Sungard AS. We keep your business running all day, every day. We support:

    • IT environments with physical and virtual workloads
    • Recovery from a malicious cyberattack
    • Interdependent applications with varying RTOs
    • Increased focus on monitoring recovery trends and lifecycle management through testing
    • Condensed IT teams refocused towards innovation and revenue producing priorities



    Cloud Recovery DRaaS Options

    • Platform agnostic support – Physical, Virtual, Clusters and AWS instances
    • Flexible resources - Reserved or Pay Per Use
    • Continuous Data Protection - Journal retention for days, weeks and /or months

    Why choose Sungard AS for Cloud Recovery?

    We understand IT is a constant evolution that requires availability and resilience for complex hybrid environments. Our experts work with you to understand your business objectives, and then build a unique recovery plan to deliver the outcomes you need. We enable highly available, scalable, resilient and secure hybrid IT solutions to ensure you are always on. 

    Purpose-built for resilience and performance, backed by the scalable network capability your applications demand, our solutions
    will connect you to the services that power your business and simplify your otherwise complicated hybrid IT landscape. 

    Sungard AS’ portfolio of services provides end-to-end availability, performance and resiliency to meet the constantly evolving needs of the Connected Enterprise for today and tomorrow.



    To keep your critical business operations running all day every day, 
    get connected with Sungard Availability Services today. 

    Nearly 80% of unplanned downtime is caused by IT failures and power outages, but only 41% of business are testing their DR plan regularly*  

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