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    Cyber incident recovery programme

    We have pioneered a comprehensive suite of services that mitigate the risk of prolonged downtime and increase your chances of quickly and effectively recovering vital data to resume business operations.

    Are you ready for the inevitable?

    In today's world, it is critical to reduce the risk of a failed or delayed data recovery effort after a successful ransomware attack and that first requires recognition that recovering cyber-compromised data is a very different "recovery use-case" from physically focused data center disaster scenarios. Sungard AS can help you mitigate the risk of prolonged downtime and increase your chances of quickly and effectively recovering your vital data by guiding you in the creation of governance and plan, and provide you with people, processes, best practices, technologies, and most importantly, cyber recovery simulations that collectively help reduce the risk of a failed data recovery effort.
    • Drive digital transformation
    • Secure your environment
    • Deliver business resililence
    • Optimize your spend

    Our cyber incident recovery services

    Compromised Data Recovery

    Improve your ransomware attack response time with physical and virtual offsite data protection and managed recovery for your applications. Sungard AS' portfolio offers a wide range of managed and self-service data protection solutions, each of which is designed to provide off-site immutable and air-gapped back-ups and to provide tailored recovery options for your business requirements.

    Managed Recovery Program

    Sungard AS observed a 500% increase in cyber-related invocations in the last year. Sungard AS can assume responsibility for your cyber incident recovery under our managed recovery program (MRP), while IT staff focus on risk mitigation. Our experts will develop and execute your cyber incident recovery plans, and procedures and perform, isolated clean room restore for data and application recovery.


    Reducing the risk of a failed data recovery effort requires a multi-disciplinary approach, one that integrates people, processes, and technology through well-defined plans, teams, and tests. Our cyber incident advisory services can help you to bring the pieces together so you can ensure your senior leadership that you are ready to effectively and efficiently respond and recover.

    Benefits of Sungard AS cyber incident recovery programme

    • Our heritage

      We’ve been in the recovery business for more than 40-years, with experience executing thousands of successful disaster recoveries.

    • Resilience

      We’ve pioneered the most comprehensive, essential good practice framework available for cyber incident recovery, available in the market today.

    • Recovery reliability

      Since 2020 we have seen a 500% jump in cyber recovery-related invocations and have helped a number of customers with successful ransomware recovery.

    • One provider, multiple services

      We can rapidly assess your data readiness for efficient data recovery and provide suitable recovery services to fulfill your business requirements for cyber incident recovery.


    We have vast experience in providing recovery services for our customers.

    We have been in the recovery business for over 40-years, with experience in executing thousands of successful disasters and post cyberattack recoveries. We have pioneered the most comprehensive essential practice framework available for cyber incident recovery. 

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