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    Data protection services

    The Sungard AS data protection portfolio offers managed and self-managed solutions for on-premises and off-site backups, along with tailored recovery options designed to safeguard privacy and security for businesses of every shape and size.

    An unrivaled approach to managing data protection

    As cloud solutions mature and hybrid environments become more complex, businesses face mounting pressure to manage ever-growing quantities of data. Some of this data might be stored in hardware on your premises while some of it might be offsite via a cloud storage solution. The more locations used for storage, the more difficult it is to ensure that data is both secure and backed up.

    This is where Sungard AS’ data protection portfolio comes in. It offers a comprehensive range of managed and self-managed solutions, each of which is desired to safeguard both your on-prem and off-site backups and to provide tailored recovery options for your business.


    5 Reasons to Rethink Your Backup and Recovery Plan

    Your backups may be the most valuable assets your company owns, as they are the first line of defense in the face of myriad natural and man-made threats.

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    Understanding the risks

    A recent survey has indicated that by 2021, a new organisation will be breached by a cybercriminal every 11 seconds* and that a malicious payload could lay undetected in your network for over 200 days. 

    Many businesses operate a rolling 30-day schedule for backups, but if a malicious payload is lying dormant on your network, and it becomes active when a backup hasn’t been performed for weeks, the consequences could be disastrous for your business and your customers. The reputational damage inflicted in such instances might be equally serious, especially if it emerges that the incident could have been prevented or that consumer data privacy has been compromised. 

    We have been successfully recovering organisations all over the globe for more than forty years, and have dealt with business disruptions of all kinds. When you need an experienced hand to support you through protecting and recovering your data, we can offer it.  

    Managing data protection is something that can be highly technical and presents challenges that non-specialist computing professionals may not be able to overcome. Moreover, the potential consequences of failure can be catastrophic. Outsourcing to Sungard AS will remove the burden from your workforce and allow them to focus on keeping your business up and running.

    *Herjavec Group 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report 

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    Video: Sungard AS Backup & Recovery

    Sungard AS is your best-case scenario to Better Backups and Smarter Recovery with our portfolio of data protection solutions powered by partnerships with Veeam and Dell. Improve ransomware attack response time and reduce data loss with offsite data protection and managed recovery for your physical and virtual infrastructure.
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    Be proactive against breach and theft threats

    Tackling data-security threats means taking a proactive approach. By stress-testing your backup solutions before a breach occurs, you’ll be prepared to handle any situation that may arise. Don’t wait until the worst has happened to take data protection seriously.

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    Each protection need covered

    By working with Sungard AS, you’ll get the help you need to mitigate the risks associated with lost, compromised, or corrupted data. In the event of a problem, we’ll provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your data can be restored quickly. Our Data Protection services provide secure, offsite data protection — meaning your data is protected, as are the applications that keep your business running.

    With the help of our service, you’ll also stay on the right side of the law, whether you are concerned about GDPR compliance or more industry-specific data protection regulations.

    Why choose us?

    However simple or complex your working environment, Sungard AS provides a means of putting together a fully integrated disaster recovery plan, backed by our Connected Recovery portfolio. It will run in the background, poised to respond to any disruptive scenario.
    We know the success of your business is not just about one application, one workload or one environment. It’s the ability for all your applications and workloads to always be available and to reliably work together within or across multiple environments. Everything will go through a single point of contact that you can always depend on to keep your business available and running.


    To keep your critical business operations running all day every day, 
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    Nearly 80% of unplanned downtime is caused by IT failures and power outages, but only 41% of business are testing their DR plan regularly*  

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