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    Physical IT Self-Recovery Services

    Customised Data Centres Built to Reproduce Your Unique Production Environment

    Align the right recovery technologies to your multi-platform requirements

    Cloud recovery is not for everyone. Many organizations like yours still have core business applications on Mainframes, Sun Servers and other physical IT platforms. Others simply prefer the cost-effective hands-on approach to restoring the business in the event of a disaster. And for victims of a cyberattack, traditional physical IT recovery may be the only way to restore uncompromised data.


    Legacy systems have their strengths but maintaining a secondary data center can be costly especially when it comes to support and updates for older systems. As a result, companies are shifting their recovery efforts to a partner with experience in traditional physical IT recovery.



    With Sungard AS, you have a cohesive recovery strategy connecting you to your backup infrastructure, your network and tiered applications across your IT landscape.  We can build customized data centers based on your specifications to reproduce your unique production environment.  We can assist you with your own recovery (DIY) or provide partial to fully Managed Recovery services.  



    • Secure recovery centers with technical experts supporting all recovery tests and disaster declarations.
    • State-of-the-art remote testing and recovery capabilities from any location.
    • Infrastructure integration supporting multiple technology platforms and centers.
    • Reduced total cost of ownership (capital expenditures, support costs and infrastructure overhead).
    • 40+ years with a 100% success rate in resuming our customer’s business operations during an unplanned business disruption.

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    We can assist your organization with assessing, operating and maturing your Disaster Recovery capabilities. Our diverse portfolio of services offers a proven set of advisory solutions that help to ensure your organization's Disaster Recovery Program can support the critical technology availability needs for your business.

    Connected Cloud-1-1
    Connected Cloud

    As business demands increase, availability demands also intensify. Your business growth should never be limited by your infrastructure. Sungard AS has a wide range of cloud and hosting solutions. You choose the right infrastructure for each application and workload all while embedding resiliency across your production environment.

    Backup and Vaulting

    Whether you are concerned about GDPR compliance or industry specific data protection regulations, you need to mitigate the risk associated with lost or corrupted data and that data needs to be ready for restore at a moment’s notice. Sungard AS’ Backup and Vaulting solutions provide secure, offsite data protection along with the capabilities to restore your archived data to keep your business running.

    Consulting Services

    We assist your organization with Assessing, Operating and Maturing your Disaster Recovery capabilities. Access to our advisory solutions across DR Program Maturity Assessments, DR Risk Management Assessments, Cyber Resilience Assessments, DR Planning, DR Testing and Exercising, Crisis Management, Pandemic Readiness, and Incident Response capabilities.

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