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    Serviced Workplace

    Our global Serviced Workplace offering opens your workforce to more flexible, affordable and collaborative office space, fully customized to maximise the creativity and productivity of your team.

    Resilient. Flexible. Connected.

    ​Hybrid work environments are a flexible and affordable way to blend the ability to work from anywhere with the opportunity to stay connected with your colleagues in a collective space. Maximise productivity and innovation while maintaining your company’s unique culture in any of our regionally diverse suites, designed to meet your specific requirements so that every location feels like “home base”.

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    Sungard AS Serviced Workplace—your choice for alternative office space.

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    Supporting your workforce strategy

    Regionally diverse, flexible coworking office space in dedicated suites, tailored to your precise requirements.  Available in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and India. Perfect for:

    • ​Finding office space for short term projects or initiatives 
    • Coworking space with inherent business continuity and disaster recovery resources
    • Attracting new employees with ability to work near where they live 
    • Providing remote workspace for employees on special assignments or termed engagements 
    • Reducing capital expense, maintenance and monitoring of large office space 
    • Supplementing primary office with regionally dispersed, smaller office space
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    Some organisations could reduce their real-estate costs by 30 percent. Those that shift to a fully virtual model could almost eliminate them.*  Sungard AS can help you reduce organisational risk and increase resilience.   

    Serviced Workplace from Sungard AS offers serviced office space from strategic locations across Europe.
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    Why Sungard AS for Serviced Workplace?

    Whether you’re looking to strengthen your business continuity / DR plan or simply looking for alternatives to ‘work from anywhere’, leverage our flexible Workplace solutions to gain the best of both worlds.

    We provide convenient and affordable solutions to support the modernisation of today’s mobile workforce with flexible, portable workspace, customized to fit the needs of your dynamic team.

    Sungard AS’ portfolio of services provides end-to-end availability, performance and resiliency to meet the constantly evolving needs of the Connected Enterprise for today and tomorrow.

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