Foyer, the leading local insurance provider in Luxemburg, has turned to Sungard AS to put in place a highly resilient disaster recovery programme with the capability to restore operations within two hours of an incident.

Foyer Group wanted to implement a complete solution including a back up work environment with identical configuration, situated in a business recovery centre close to its headquarters. From 2014, the decision to implement a business continuity plan was part of Foyer's move to pre-empt the Solvency 2 regulation, which made disaster recovery programmes mandatory for insurers.


  • In the case of an emergency, Foyer's employees can be up and running again in less than two hours at Sungard AS's recovery centre. There they will find a working environment with a computer configuration close to their own usual setup.


  • Shared emergency desk spaces at Sungard AS Luxemburg’s sites. The Münsbach site has been designated as its primary site, with Contern as its secondary site.
  • Failure simulation once a year to test and validate the recovery system.
  • A system that will evolve, with regular updates for every change in Foyer's IT configurations.

About Foyer Assurance

Established in 1922, Foyer S.A is a key financial player in Luxemburg. Its endurance lies not only in the strength of its family ownership, but also the work of some 775 employees working in three countries and of the 660 workers in Luxemburg.

Foyer is the leading local provider of life and general insurance, operating in several European countries across three disciplines: insurance, planning and wealth management. Its extensive product range serves a client base of individuals, professionals and businesses.

As part of its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, the Foyer Group has also invested for a number of years in social and volunteering projects.

The majority of recovery plans are based on a set of procedures aimed at getting information systems up and running again. These are effectively IT recovery plans. We wanted to go further and put into place a complete system that included a real recovery centre where we could be up and running in several hours in the event of an emergency.

Paul Fohl, Chief Risk Officer | Executive Committee Member, Foyer