Expectations run high in the travel and leisure industry. People have made plans, and they don’t care what’s required to ensure that they happen – on-schedule, for the best price and to their complete satisfaction. Now more than ever, they won’t tolerate anything less.


Seasonal demands, multi-national operations and online customer interactions only heighten the pressures of this competitive environment. They also depend on uninterrupted access to information and IT.

Sungard Availability Services’ unique Managed Services proposition ensures your travel and leisure organisation’s applications, data and systems are always up and running – and operating at peak efficiency.


Few industries are as demanding as tourism and travel. Holidaymakers want maximum ease. Passengers expect minimum delay. Regulatory bodies need to know that services meet the grade.

For the Monarch Group, one of the UK’s leading travel companies, coordinating bookings, flight schedules, customer traffic and aircraft maintenance is a crucial, but complex task.

Uninterrupted access to business-critical data and systems makes it possible.

In 2012, the group flew over 8 million people, and arranged holidays for 815,000 others. Repeat business drives its growth; web experiences secure its sales, and customer care is at the heart of its operations. So are we.

All-time™ information works for Monarch Group.


The online travel industry is fiercely competitive. Thousands of tour operators vie for the best customer deals. Margins are tight and packages are similar. The smallest detail can make the difference between closing a deal and missing out.

In such a high-pressure environment, responsive IT infrastructure is crucial for success. Downtime is calculated to cost £6 per second. Which is why GTA – Kuoni Global Travel Services’ fully independent travel brand – relies on resilient, high-performance technology to help it handle some 21,000 bookings every day in 185 locations worldwide.

We give GTA the uninterrupted IT availability and support it needs to remain a world-leading hotel, travel and tour provider. With managed, in-house backup and a reservation system capable of processing 100 million searches a day, GTA’s vast inventory is always-on.

All-time™ information works for GTA.


The cruise industry is built on data as much as service. From the moment passengers make a reservation, they expect the highest standards. Data systems must be resilient, available and responsive to ever-changing demands. Anything less could damage reputation and jeopardise revenue.

For the world leader in ‘Freestyle Cruising’, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), IT lies at the heart of operations. Customers browse, book and pay for cruises online. Travel agent partners access information and make third-party arrangements. Ship employees manage onboard passenger systems. With 12 vessels and over 20,000 staff globally, a moment of downtime can cost the business.

We ensure NCL’s IT services are never interrupted. Managed hosting avoids expensive capital refreshes. Proactive monitoring prevents issues before they impact. And scalable solutions handle seasonal demand peaks.

As a result, NCL’s IT never misses a beat – or a booking – and its reputation for excellent service is safe.

All-time™ information works for Norwegian Cruise Line.


The travel incentive industry is built on participation. Success is measured by the number of people that take part in promotional activity, which usually depends on the attractiveness of the offer and the enjoyment of the experience.

Operationally, this means providing a reliable, scalable infrastructure that can adapt as demand changes, suddenly and seasonally. But sustaining this service can be challenging, given high user numbers.

As the incentive provider of choice for small- to medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies, Spirit Incentives has built a reputation for excellent customer service. We ensure it’s never compromised. Our Enterprise Cloud Services keep Spirit’s staff productive, applications optimised, and costs down – without the need to invest in more people or equipment.

All-time™ information works for Spirit Incentives.