The use of social media is becoming an increasingly fundamental part of our daily lives, as individuals and groups have the means to share their thoughts and opinions with speed and ease.

For today’s organisation, social media presents both a fantastic opportunity to engage with employees and customers and a significant threat, especially concerning potential reputational damage.

Social media is both an important issue to and enabler of business continuity management (BCM).

By developing and defining guidelines, workflows and processes, organisations can develop a social media approach to dovetail with their business continuity planning processes.

As well as conducting activity in the event of an incident, organisations should ensure ongoing social media activity is undertaken. This will help provide early identification of potential reputation damaging issues and subsequently help the organisation take the best possible course of action.

This whitepaper discusses the importance of social media, how it can work with traditional business continuity processes and illustrates this through a number of typical business continuity challenges that most organisations face.