Data Centre in Southwark, London, UK

Services Provided

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Building Features

  • Recovery space: 134,693 Sq Ft
  • Raised Floor 4,362 Sq Ft
  • Recovery suites: 16 Conference rooms: 2
  • Shared workforce positions: 422, dealing: 50
  • Crisis management suites: 1
  • Rest areas: 8


City 1,
42 Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 9EJ

Environmental Controls

  • HVAC intelligent cooling systems
  • State-of-the-area building monitoring system
  • N+1 chiller systems
  • N+1 computer room air conditions [CRACs] including variable speed, impeller cooling system


  • Access to multiple communications providers delivered from Sungard AS managed TELCO Racks
  • Multiple access entry points for diverse routing
  • Redundant internal network distribution platforms
  • Roof space for satellite communications

Physical Security

  • 24/7 Security guards
  • External and internal CCTV cameras digital recording to disk
  • Secure managed loading bay
  • Intruder and door alarms with infrared detectors

Power Management

  • Full power redundancy from N+1 up to 2N+1
  • Dual uninterruptible power systems (UPS's)
  • Catalytic reduction equipped generators
  • Branch circuit monitoring (BCM's)
  • Automated power monitoring and management