Case Study

Shared hosting provider relies on Sungard Availability Services to maintain customers’ web presence has been a Sungard AS customer since it was founded in 2008. The Cork-based company provides web hosting, domain name registration, website design and development, search engine optimisation and marketing services to the Irish business market.

The company’s ethos is to offer a high quality, reliable and secure service, backed up by support, help and friendly advice that ensures its customers realise the full potential of the internet for their business. Today, has over 1,200 customers who rely on the firm to ensure they enjoy a continuous web presence and uninterrupted email service.

Managing Director Liam Coyle says, “Reliability and security is our lifeblood. We have zero tolerance for downtime. Quite simply, we would be out of business within 24 hours.”

Because of the support he receives, Managing Director Liam Coyle views Sungard AS as a trusted partner. He says, “There are more cost effective hosting companies out there but I stay with Sungard because of their reliability and the help they have given me over the years. When I started the business I needed a lot of support and they were patient, understanding and gave me very good advice.”

While is self-sufficient today, he still values the relationship, commenting, “Sungard takes the trouble to understand our requirements, their technical knowledge is fantastic and they are also very clued up about developments in the IT industry. They are happy to share their expertise and I know they will always have a solution to a problem, no matter what it is. I haven’t given them a problem yet that they could not solve or advise on.”

As’s customers are largely SME’s, the majority do not have an in-house IT department and is their first point of contact if they experience any problems or have a query. For this reason, Liam and the team value the pro-active monitoring service Sungard AS provides, which alerts them to potential concerns such as high server load or RAM issues before they become a problem.

Having worked with the same Sungard AS engineering team for five years now, Liam says, “I see them as an extension of my own team. I know if I ever have a problem I can pick up the phone and it will be sorted out quickly.” The value of’s contract with Sungard AS was demonstrated when a server supporting one of its largest customers suffered a hardware failure on the very weekend the biggest event on its calendar was underway – a major local regatta that takes place once every two years.

Liam recounts what happened next, “As the first year we were hosting the festival, this could not have occurred at a worse time. Fortunately, within minutes Sungard was able to diagnose the fault – and fix it in two and a half hours, even though our contract allowed 24 hours. Because the guys at Sungard were on top of the situation from the beginning, we were able to keep the customer updated on progress throughout. It could have been a disaster but Sungard’s speedy handling of the problem meant we retained them as a customer and this has been our only hardware failure ever.” intends to continue expanding and is considering diversifying into related areas. But, whatever direction it takes in the future, one thing is certain – the Sungard AS team will be part of it. Liam Coyle says, “If I had to sum up Sungard in two words, those words would be ‘reliable’ and ‘trustworthy’. I feel I can trust Sungard to give me the best possible advice. It’s not just about making money out of me – they are genuinely invested in my company’s success and want to see go from strength to strength.”

Business problem

As one of the leading website design and shared hosting companies in Ireland, reliability and high availability are critical to’s business. With more than 1,200 SMEs relying on its service, needed a managed hosting provider it could trust to support its fast-growing customer base.

  • Managed Hosting
  • Ensures continuous web presence for its customers
  • Preserves’s reputation for reliability
  • Access to expert technical advice
  • Peace of mind for and its customers