A fully dedicated environment for mission-critical data and applications

Cloud services have been widely adopted, yet many organizations are still concerned about protecting highly sensitive data and personally identifiable information in the cloud. This is especially true when it comes to regulatory compliance, with strict rules around how customer data records can be accessed and stored.

Organizations also want more control over the cloud resources that deliver their data and applications, and less worry about vying for those same network and computing resources with other customers. A “noisy neighbor” in a multi-tenant environment who is hit by a surge in transaction volumes can severely impact performance for other tenants.

Our Managed Cloud – Hosted Private Cloud (HPC) solution combines the scalability and agility of a cloud infrastructure with the security, control and performance advantages of a fully dedicated environment, powered by VMware technology to help:

Secure your data. Fully dedicated compute, storage and network resources in an isolated environment helps meet the data protection, privacy and regulatory compliance requirements of applications and data residing in a hosted private cloud.

Increase control. Get more control over how, where and when cloud resources are provisioned and consumed to meet specific workload and application needs.

Count on performance. A single-tenant cloud delivers more predictable performance because there is no need to compete with other tenants for cloud resources. Subscription-based pricing makes costs more predictable, too.

Gain peace of mind. Our commitment to you is to provide you with a secure Hosted Private Cloud service. When you work with Sungard AS, that commitment extends even further, because our  private cloud solution can also be integrated with our award-winning cloud-based recovery offerings to create a fully recoverable production environment for your applications and data.

Our consulting teams can help you plan and implement a multi-cloud strategy that aligns with the needs of your business. We assess your workloads and applications, identify which are cloud-ready, then recommend the cloud environment best suited for each.

We have a range of solutions to meet your individual cloud needs. In addition to our Hosted Private Cloud offering, you can take advantage of our public cloud solution, Managed Cloud – Amazon Web Services (AWS), and migrate between various clouds with ease.

Why Sungard AS?

Why Sungard AS for hosted private cloud?

Our Hosted Private Cloud solution is just one way Sungard AS delivers fully recoverable production services. Choosing us as your cloud provider means you can integrate your production environment with our cloud-based recovery solutions. So, if disaster occurs, you can fully recover your data and applications to get back to business fast.

Our private cloud solution is also fully managed to the application layer, and by certified VMware experts who know how to optimize your solution to deliver the best results.

You can also take advantage of our migration, design and architectural offerings to streamline service delivery to your organization. Further, we can help you manage a hybrid mix of traditional systems and newer, more agile technologies, so you can let the needs of your applications and data drive your infrastructure decisions.