Increase control, decrease day-to-day IT tasks

Any application can only be as responsive and resilient as the underlying infrastructure it runs on. That's why it's so important to let the needs of each application drive your platform decisions.

Some of your applications may have certain performance, availability or security requirements. Some simply can't be redeveloped economically for cloud platforms. And, sometimes, you may want to retain control over specific workloads, data and applications, but without owning, securing, managing and maintaining the infrastructures they run on.

That's why Sungard AS provides you with a range of options, including our Managed Hosting Services. This infrastructure choice lets you stay in control, while freeing your business from hardware ownership and your staff from day-to-day management.

Eliminate labour-intensive processes. Ease the burden on your team and budget and let us take care of routine maintenance, including monitoring, patching, capacity planning and hardware refreshes, so you can focus on value-added functions.

Improve cost efficiency. Take advantage of our buying power and investments in world-class data centres and technology to gain access to a scalable, resilient IT environment – architected, integrated and administered by experts in high availability and security.

Drive enterprise growth. Deliver improved operational results and spur business growth by using managed IT services that give you the freedom and flexibility to enter new markets and launch products and services quickly.

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Choose the right managed hosting services

At Sungard AS, we tailor your managed hosting services to your organisation's specific needs. You can access and make requests through a customer service portal that makes it easy to communicate with the experts who are looking after your hardware and data.


Our fully-featured hosted mainframe services are ideal if your mainframe skills gap is becoming an issue or when the cost of managing "forgotten" applications and infrastructure in-house is no longer economical. We can also provide on-premise mainframe management as part of a program to decommission your old infrastructure and transition to a Sungard AS hosted mainframe solution in our data centres.



Our fully-managed monitoring and event response services span server, application, web and network device monitoring, with round-the-clock service team availability and complete visibility into your network and activities through the customer portal.



Our managed server option can liberate your in-house staff by proactively handling the daily maintenance and management of your operating environments, including monitoring, patching and trouble resolution for your physical and virtualised servers. Operating system (OS) expertise is provided by certified specialists for the most commonly-used OSs.



Our Managed Storage Services include a single-source, proactive enterprise data back-up service for critical applications, data and operating systems; SAN services for an always-on, compliant, pay-as-you-go storage solution; and vaulting for higher reliability, faster recovery and greater scalability.



Why Sungard AS?

Why Sungard AS for Managed Hosting Services?

Partnering with Sungard AS helps companies like yours harness technology to achieve specific business goals, with a comprehensive portfolio of fully managed IT offerings. The result? An agile, scalable, secure and resilient environment that's will help you maximize the value of your IT investments.


  • Proactive maintenance by highly skilled specialists
  • Customized solution to support evolving needs
  • Focus on core competencies and business goals
  • Avoid skills gaps or hiring additional staff
  • Predictable monthly costs for 24/7 support