Minimise Threats, Mitigate Complexity

As cyber threats continue to evolve and accelerate, information security is becoming a board-level concern rather than just an IT challenge. Businesses are taking a more collaborative and cost-effective approach to cyber security, sharing the responsibility of threat intelligence and response techniques with specialist external partners.

Sungard Availability Services ("Sungard AS") Information Security Services are designed to reinforce your organisation's security posture, based on an OpEx model that allows you to conserve cash and focus your internal resources on strategic initiatives.

As PCI compliant service providers, we can offer you:

Proven expertise. Your infrastructure and applications are protected by industry-leading technologies and managed by certified security professionals, with service delivery based on the ITILv3 best practice framework.

Regulatory compliance. Sungard AS data centres are certified to the ISO 27001/2 standard and included in our annual SSAE 16 Type II audits. They support compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA and a broad range of general and industry-specific compliance requirements.

Operational excellence. The Sungard AS Security Team acts as a trusted extension to your own IT organisation. We combine advanced information security expertise and consulting services with highly available enterprise-class infrastructure to create fully customised security solution, backed by robust service level agreements.

Related Services

Expert security management

Our experts can design multi-layered, defense-in-depth security and support your business globally with real-time intelligence and early warning notifications to prevent hostile attacks from posing a risk to reputation or revenues. Our subscription-based security services allow for rapid deployment and scaling, and free you to focus on innovation rather than protection. They include:

Application Security

If you are currently using web applications for critical business functions, you are aware that web application attacks are a significant and growing threat. Sungard AS provides scalable, 24x7 protection for your websites and business-critical web applications from SQL injection, cross-site scripting, OS command injection, and other serious web attacks. Our 24x7 Security Operations Center ensures proactive analysis and ongoing management as well as rapid incident response and escalation of potential threats.

Network Security

Sungard AS provides the essential first line of defense against increasingly sophisticated denial-of-service attacks. It is our primary responsibility to use our proven managed security expertise to protect your mission-critical applications and data around-the-clock from threats and attacks originating on the Internet. This solution provides a full suite of security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your network.

Endpoint Security

Every time a business user accesses your network from a remote device, there is a security risk. Viruses, malware, ransomware, and malicious executables can enter through that node or endpoint. Sungard AS provides a range of solutions to ensure endpoint security, including threat management, a managed firewall, and intrusion protection and prevention.

Identity and Access Management

When you have numerous employees, vendors, or customers trying to access your website, it's essential to keep it secure – especially when you have a broadly distributed workforce. Sungard AS offers a suite of identity and access management services through which we deliver and manage website authentication, digital certificates, remote access VPNs, and more.

Security Analytics

Sungard AS brings order and structure to your security program through state-of-the-art Security Analytics. Our suite of solutions will identify gaps and weaknesses in your security profile, provide you with capabilities to monitor the maturity of your security program over time, supply you with a dashboard where you can review all security data in an easy-to-use format, and give you actionable knowledge about your security environment so that you can make tactical decisions to develop a robust security posture.

Why Sungard AS?

Why Sungard AS for Information Security Services?

Sungard AS has the tools, technologies and expertise to build a complete and customized security program that will help you (i) protect your organization's sensitive data and assets, (ii) comply with regulatory challenges, and (iii) navigate the complex and ever-changing threat landscape with confidence.