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    Colocation & Cloud: So Happy Together

    October 21, 2019 | By Sungard AS |

    More than 50 years ago, a little-known American rock & roll band called The Turtles released the chart-topping hit So Happy Together, knocking the Beatles out of the number one spot for three weeks. So Happy Together was proclaimed "pop perfection" and "a most sublime slice of pop heaven" by critics, based on its driving beat and catchy lyrics:

    Me and you, and you and me;
    No matter how they toss the dice, it had to be.
    The only one for me is you, and you for me…
    So happy together.

    The concept of 'being happy together' could also apply to today's technology world, where cloud and colocation relate to each other in a similar way. They work better together, with colocation representing the physical IT assets of an organization, and cloud representing the virtual ones. It's an IT match made in heaven – but how do you get these two together?

    Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) has some ideas. Listen to the latest presentation in our AWS Webinar Series to learn how Hyperscale Connect enables you to better leverage the power of the cloud so your organization can seize opportunities and drive growth. Sungard AS' Andy Stone, Director of Public Cloud Product Management, and Matthew Parsons, Global Solution Architect, lead a discussion of how to move workloads between the two environments while reducing costs and complexity.

    As organizations examine the economic, technological and political changes facing them, many wonder if their IT workloads are best ​placed in colocation environments – facilities where businesses lease space for servers and other computing hardware. Simultaneously, many factors are driving increased confidence in the cloud – economies of scale, increased security, burst capabilities, and room for innovation.

    Fortunately, it's not an either/or decision. There's no reason workloads can't move between both environments for fluid revenue relocation. But how do you get your arms around this transition? There's much work to do to map, construct, move, protect, and drive these changes throughout an organization.

    One way is through Hyperscale Connect, a direct connection between co-located or hosted infrastructure and cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Cloud Recovery, Managed Backup and Managed Cloud services.

    The idea is to link the Sungard AS Hyperscale Connect-Enabled Data Center to AWS, via Hyperscale Connect. This connection enables performance, security, agility, speed-to-service and cost – resiliently wrapped around Sungard AS' people and processes.

    Hyperscale Connect enables companies to better leverage the power of the cloud so that their organizations can seize opportunities and drive growth. Workloads move between environments for fluid revenue relocation.

    Why Cloud?

    The benefits of public cloud are clear: public cloud is driving big changes in the market and providing a foundation for innovation and digital business transformation. Forrester estimates that by 2020, the public cloud market will reach $235 billion1. Amazon Web Services is the cloud leader and has made it very easy for organizations to start using the AWS cloud. However, once your use of AWS expands, compliance and sprawl issues can become cause for concern.

    Managed Cloud – AWS from Sungard AS enables the flexibility, scalability and reliability of the industry-leading AWS cloud within your hybrid IT environments without sacrificing the control, compliance and security your business requires. With Managed Cloud – AWS, Sungard AS provides companies with the tools to deliver AWS resources in a simple, secure, integrated model enabling cross-platform deployments meeting compliance, scalability, and availability requirements.

    For example, one Sungard AS customer – a national marketing and promotions firm – was under a tight deadline to help a client deploying a highly scalable e-commerce site just before Black Friday. After building a small proof of concept in AWS, the company realized it needed outside help to design a successful large-scale solution due to limited staff and skills. ​Sungard AS:

    • Designed a cloud environment architected to grow infinitely with demand​
    • Provided the skills/expertise to architect to best practices and ensure resiliency​
    • Integration between production co-located at Sungard AS and AWS Cloud

    As a result, the customer was able to meet the new demands of their client within just six weeks – well before Black Friday – using a standardized cloud platform for multiple promotional launches. More importantly, they were able to protect revenues of $100 million, avoiding client SLA penalties, while creating the ability to scale web and database layers by five to ten times in just minutes.

    What About Me?

    How can Sungard AS support you through this journey? We can help you:

    • Set goals: Create a clear vision. What are you trying to achieve by moving to the cloud? If there's no business gain, why do it?
    • Map: Uncover what you have and prioritize what needs to be transformed. Start small, learn and grow, and don't just focus on the technology.
    • Get Help: Select a partner with a combination of skills, program methodologies and experience.

    By letting us assess your business requirements and create a tailored path to cloud, we can show you how colocation and cloud can work together for you – and create a match made in heaven.

    Listen to the entire webinar replay here.

    1 The Public Cloud Market is Now in Hypergrowth, Forrester Report. Updated in Forrester Webinar - Catching The Wave™: A Deep Dive Into The Exploding Public Cloud Market

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