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    Customers need to know they can retrieve and delete data from Cloud Services whenever necessary

    April 25, 2013 | By Admin |

    By Sungard AS

    Of those surveyed, 37% remain uncertain (22% fifty-fifty, 15% not confident) that they can transfer data to and from cloud-based services quickly and easily.

    The overall findings indicate that confidence increases/decreases in line with the size of the organisation – 38% said they were very confident, but that number rose to 59% among companies employing over 20,000 people, suggesting that larger companies which have already outsourced greater volumes of information to third-party hosting companies are more familiar with, and therefore less uncertain about, the processes involved.

    Remaining concerns can be addressed to a certain extent via hybrid cloud platforms that store some data and legacy applications in hosted environments and others on-premises where data regulation or security and performance concerns demand it is hosted locally. They are also solved by SLAs and terms and conditions offered by some private-hosted and dedicated cloud services whose providers have sufficient data center footprint of their own to guarantee that sensitive information stays either within its country of origin or the regional boundaries set out by data protection regulation, and can be quickly retrieved to meet the terms of subject access requests and eDisclosure directives for example.

    Where data is hosted off-premises, terms that ensure any data returned to the customer is in a format which enables continued processing are crucial. Cloud service providers must be able to show that they delete all of the customer's information when that customer terminates the contract and that no other copies are retained within their own cloud architecture, back upsets or the architecture owned by any subcontractor, partner or equipment supplier the cloud service provider may use. Efficient provisioning, migration, management and auditing controls are important here as are network connectivity and security mechanisms that guarantee adequate bandwidth and data integrity when information is being transmitted between sites.

    Confidence inefficient data transfer and retrieval from and between cloud services is not universal

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