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    DRI International put us to the test. Here’s how we did.

    January 24, 2018 | By Admin |

    In business continuity and disaster recovery, seconds count. Accuracy counts. Testing counts.

    That’s why, when you see a statistic like this one, you should be a little nervous: Market data from the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Annual Report 2014 shows that when companies test their DR plans, “more than 65 percent do not pass their own tests.”

    That’s not a good omen for when a real disaster hits. Your BC/DR plan is only as good as your last test.

    With this in mind, we set out to test ourselves. We turned to DRI International, the leading authority on disaster recovery, to do an independent analysis.

    DRI International reviewed the performance of Sungard AS’ Managed Recovery Program (MRP) by independently verifying customer testing success rates, analyzing test data, and assessing the process for measuring MRP’s performance. DRI International looked at performance data delivered to Sungard AS customers and reviewed pre-testing milestones as well as post-testing reporting.

    Across 245 highly complex, full application stack recovery tests Sungard AS conducted, DRI International found that we successfully hit our recovery objectives 87 percent of the time. In partnership with customers, Sungard AS recovered applications within the desired timeframes 78 percent of the time. That’s 2.5 times better than the market average and far ahead of the 65 percent that don’t pass their own tests.

    DRI International even found in some cases that we were more stringent than our customers in our definition of success.

    We deem a customer test successful only if it meets or exceeds 100 percent of the customer’s testing criteria, including RTO. If only seven out of eight of the customer’s objectives were met, that’s a fail.

    All of the customers surveyed by DRI International who received a successful test score confirmed the analysis. However, one customer that Sungard AS had marked as a failure (because it did not meet our 100 percent standard for test objectives) said the test was a success from its perspective.

    The DRI International report also highlighted how we’ve invested heavily in automating a large part of the testing process, which has allowed for a much more integrated test management system for both Sungard AS and our customers.

    We also include monthly and quarterly customer reviews as part of our MRP, along with satisfaction surveys, which are key components of Recovery Life Cycle Management (RLCM). We’re always looking for feedback and to assess the impact of production changes to the recovery environment to ensure our customers are always disaster-ready.

    With IT outages caused by everything from natural disasters to sophisticated hacking, data recovery and resiliency must be a priority for every organization. Testing is a key part of that. By validating our processes and reporting through a respected third party, we confirmed that we’re performing well above the market average and delivering the best outcomes for our customers.

    When’s the last time you tested your DR plan?

    DRI International reviewed performance data delivered to Sungard AS customers between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016. Both pre-testing milestones post-testing reporting were reviewed.